Why Wakatobi Resort Is A Must-Visit For Avid Snorkelers

There’s very little wonder why this beachfront oasis is considered by many to be the best of its kind.

When snorkeling becomes a passion, a quick excursion off a resort beach or a crowded boat tour to a generic site isn't enough. Avid snorkeling enthusiasts want pristine reefs away from the crowds, where ideal conditions and diverse ecosystems provide hours of in-water enjoyment. This is exactly what they find at Wakatobi Resort.  

Wakatobi is a beachfront oasis located on a small island in Indonesia's Southeast Sulawesi region, home to some of the world's most pristine and biodiverse coral reefs. The resort is surrounded by a private marine preserve widely known as a premier diving destination. But unlike some scuba-centric meccas, Wakatobi is equally attractive to avid snorkelers. 

The House Reef alone is worth the visit—but there's still so much more to explore here. | Wakatobi Resort

To understand Wakatobi's appeal to snorkelers, you don't need to look beyond the beach. Directly in front of the resort, a swath of shallow water stretches for more than a mile to the left and right of the dive center. This is the famous House Reef, which has been named the world's No. 1 shore dive.

The House Reef encompasses several hundred acres of sand flats, grass beds and patch reefs that hold thousands of unique species of marine life, from fascinating subjects like grazing sea turtles to treasured finds such as pygmy seahorses and pipefish. Snorkelers have 24-hour access to this shallow-water playground, with easy entry from the beach or the resort's jetty. Because the House Reef is both easily accessible and monitored by Wakatobi's attentive staff, it is an excellent option for novice snorkelers and children alike.

Snorkelers can also take advantage of Wakatobi's taxi boat service. This fleet of small launches carries guests to and from the more distant areas of the House Reef.

The friendly staff is ready to help beginners experience the best of the House Reef and beyond. | Wakatobi Resort

The shallows of the House Reef extend some 200 feet from shore, at which point the marine landscape suddenly plummets into the ocean's depths. Here, steep coral- and sponge-encrusted slopes and ocean walls transport snorkelers into an entirely different world, where creatures such as frogfish, stonefish, crocodilefish, blue-ringed octopus, moray eels, blue-spotted stingrays, ghost pipefish, shrimp and goby pairs can be seen along the upper lip of the drop-off.

The resort's jetty is a great place to kick off snorkeling adventures on the House Reef because it provides easy access to the water regardless of tide conditions and shelters a wide variety of marine life. It's not uncommon to see giant clams and colorful anemones around the jetty, and the clear water provides unparalleled views of the upper rim of the reef.

coral reef
An amazing array of marine life is waiting to be discovered by explorers of all experience levels. | Wakatobi Resort

Snorkelers have been known to devote entire days to exploring the House Reef, but that is just the beginning of Wakatobi's appeal to snorkelers. One of the defining characteristics of many dive sites within the resort's marine preserve is a dramatic reef profile that begins in water less than 6 feet deep, then plummets into the depths in a series of slopes and walls. This juxtaposition of shallow and deep terrains creates unique opportunities for snorkelers. Rather than being consigned to a separate boat that visits a limited range of sites, snorkelers at Wakatobi are welcomed aboard the resort's fleet of spacious dayboats, with access to more than two dozen sites where reefs begin in the shallows.

When divers and snorkelers share the same boat, it creates unique opportunities for couples and families. A diver with a snorkeling partner can enjoy the same site, with one staying shallow while the other goes deep. Young snorkelers can enjoy shallow reefs in the company of a parent or one of the resort's attentive dive guides while other members of the family dive on the same site. Often the snorkelers are able to see the divers descend in the clear, sunlit waters.

Guests can take a water taxi or one of the resort's dive boats to other locations to enrich their overall experience. | Wakatobi Resort

One of the most popular nearby snorkeling destinations is Turkey Beach, about a half-mile south of the resort and accessible by either water taxi or dive boat. The primary reason guests flock to Turkey Beach is its resident population of majestic sea turtles, which can often be spotted right along the edge of the reef's drop-off, along with eagle rays and humphead parrotfish.

Exceptional in-water experiences are just one of the reasons why snorkelers love Wakatobi. Ashore, guests enjoy a true tropical island getaway, with picturesque Indonesian-style bungalows nestled into a beachfront coconut grove, and luxurious private villas perched on the shore to deliver sweeping ocean views.

Wakatobi's hospitality team takes great pride in delivering personalized five-star service and warm welcomes. For team members, it is a point of pride to anticipate guest needs and exceed expectations by going above and beyond. The resort is also family-friendly, with dedicated nanny services and a stimulating children's program. 

There's plenty of fun to be had on the water as well. | Wakatobi Resort

In addition to snorkeling and diving, guests can enjoy watersports such as stand-up paddleboards and kayak tours along the coast. Seasonal trade winds create an opportunity to learn the sport of kiteboarding, and Wakatobi has created a dedicated kiting center, providing equipment, instruction and support for everyone from first-time kiters to experts.

Land activities include hikes on nature trails surrounding the resort, bird-watching sessions, village tours on nearby islands, and cultural activities such as Indonesian cooking classes. There is an on-site spa offering a range of massage services and treatments, a library and lounge, and available internet and phone services for those who need to stay in touch with the outside world.

Mealtime is a particular favorite at Wakatobi. The resort's dining room provides beach and water views that create a relaxed atmosphere. The culinary team is known for creating exceptional menus that showcase a tempting range of both international and Indonesian cuisines. In addition, the chefs are happy to fulfill special requests and can accommodate a range of special dietary needs. As an added treat, Wakatobi has a dedicated team of pastry chefs that concoct mouth-watering culinary confections daily.

After a long day of exploring, head to the jetty bar for the region's spectacular sunsets. | Wakatobi Resort

Another highlight of daily life at Wakatobi is the stunning sunsets, which are best viewed from the iconic Jetty Bar located at the far end of the resort's pier. It's the ideal place to enjoy an evening libation while watching the sun sink below the water. 

A final reason why Wakatobi appeals to both divers and snorkelers is the convenience of travel. Unlike many remote island destinations in the Indo-Pacific region, getting to Wakatobi doesn't require long layovers and multiple land, sea and air connections. When guests arrive at Bali's international airport, they are greeted by members of the Wakatobi concierge team. All details of entry, arrival and baggage transfer are handled by the team as guests enjoy an overnight rest. The following morning, guests are escorted back to the airport to relax in a private lounge as they await a private guest flight that delivers them directly to Wakatobi's airfield in about two and a half hours.

Interested in visiting Wakatobi Resort?

For those interested in experiencing Wakatobi Resort for themselves, we have fantastic news. The resort has recently reopened for year-round bookings. In addition, an excellent opportunity for avid snorkelers to experience the resort is with the Snorkeling Report's Wakatobi excursion, which still has space available for its 2022 trip.

In addition to the impeccable service, amenities and gourmet dining provided to all guests, this excursion includes four days at preselected snorkel sites away from the resort and one guided night-snorkeling session on the Wakatobi House Reef.

You can learn more about the upcoming excursion here.

Contact the Wakatobi team directly at office@wakatobi.com or inquire here.