How to Make the Most of a 3-Day Weekend Getaway in St. Lucia

This Caribbean island isn't only for hopeless romantics—there's considerable adventure to enjoy here, too.


December 9, 2022
St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: See the Pitons
The iconic Pitons, as seen from the town of Soufriere in southern St. Lucia. Zach Stovall

If France, Britain, and West Africa somehow collided on a Caribbean island, it would feel a lot like St. Lucia. Here, towering mountains and fern-frilled jungles meet a cosmopolitan food-and-beverage scene in Castries, the capital.

Have a few days to get away? St. Lucia deserves your attention. You might not be able to do it all and see everything during your visit, but this isn’t an island you only visit once.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Boucan by Hotel Chocolat
Boucan by Hotel Chocolat Zach Stovall


The Sweet South: Check in to Rabot Hotel St. Lucia from Hotel Chocolat, a lush property with 25 private eco-lodges that all sport sweeping views of Petit Piton, one of the island’s two iconic pyramid-shaped mountains. The hotel is owned by the chocolatier, so it makes sense that the Beauté de Cacao Spa offers a cacao-infused massage treatment, and a tree-to-bar chocolate-making class is also on the agenda.


The theme continues at the hotel’s Rabot Restaurant, which serves delights like Cacao Cannelloni, Cacao Linguine, and Cacao Braised Local Pork, among many other delightful dishes and cocktails.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Sulphur Springs volcano
A one of a kind landmark, the Sulphur Springs volcano is believed by some to offer exceptional healing powers. Zach Stovall

Hot, Hot, Hot: Saint Lucia boasts its own version of a drive-in—a drive-in volcano. The only attraction of its kind on the planet, the Sulphur Springs volcano features a tour on foot through the steamy caldera. Park your car on the edge of the crater and walk in—that sulfur smell is just part of the experience—while learning the geological history from a guide.

Better yet, book a bath experience and find out for yourself if the mud, steam, and water will really make you “look 12 years younger.” Even if it doesn’t, the experience will make for a fantastic story back home.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Plas Kassav bakery
Visitors have long raved about the delicious treats at the Plas Kassav bakery. Zach Stovall


Daily Bread: Meander north, where the road winds its way through a verdant landscape crammed with ferns and lansan trees. There you’ll find Plas Kassav, just north of the hamlet of Anse-la-Verdure, where owner Marina Roberts has been selling her homemade cassava bread, made from yucca, since 1992. The bread—crispy on the outside and pleasantly gooey on the inside—comes in flavors like banana, mango, peach, cherry, raisin, and, of course, chocolate.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Canaries village
The sleepy town of Canaries on St. Lucia’s west coast. Zach Stovall

Make a Pit Stop: To get a sense of authentic island life, stop by Canaries, a fishing village on the west coast that was accessible only by boat until the 1960s. Have lunch at one of the handful of restaurants, chat with friendly locals, and stroll by the water to see colorful fishing boats called pirogues.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: St. Lucia Distillers
Chairman’s Reserve rum from St. Lucia Distillers is an excellent souvenir. Zach Stovall

Raise a Glass: About 10 miles up the coast, pause near Roseau to lift your spirits: St. Lucia Distillers has produced fine rums since 1931. They’re so proud of their heritage, in fact, that they’ve named their main brand “1931” to commemorate the origination. Learn how the liquor is made and sample a selection of rums, including the ultra-smooth Chairman’s Reserve, which matures in American oak whiskey casks for seven to 12 years.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Castries Market
Spices for sale in the Castries Market. Zach Stovall

Shopper’s Delight: In the laid-back capital of Castries, wander the late-19th-century open-air Castries Market. More than 300 vendors hawk sundries from wood carvings to spices to crispy roti stuffed with chicken curry.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Zach Stovall

See a Shrine: Continue a few blocks to Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The interior of this Catholic basilica, the largest in the Caribbean, is a riot of colors punctuated by steel arches—a stunning combination of traditional architecture and island flair.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Pigeon Island National Landmark
Work up a sweat and capture plenty of great photos at Pigeon Island National Landmark. Zach Stovall


Hike to Heaven: Pigeon Island doesn’t look like much—the 44-acre swath of craggy land was joined with the mainland in 1972—but with its blend of history and nature, the reserve is a good way to sneak in some exercise while traveling. Climb the two peaks, one higher and more treacherous than the other, to get a bird’s-eye view of the sea and the rest of the island. History buffs will enjoy the remnants of embattlements from colonial days when British and French forces fought over the territory in the 18th and 19th centuries.

St. Lucia Resorts | Things to Do in St. Lucia: Gros Islet Jump Up
Catch the Friday night Jump Up, a weekly street party in the center of Gros Islet. Zach Stovall

Fish Fry-Day: Trust us: Be sure you’re on Saint Lucia on a Friday. You won’t want to miss the best party on the island — the Jump Up, also known as the Friday night fish fry, in the seaside village of Gros Islet. It’s a street soiree for the senses: Starting around 8, follow the soca music or the smell of street-food fare, freshly grilled and fried. Buy a bottle of the local brew, Piton, and some fish, then stroll the streets (they’re roped off for pedestrians only), mingling with locals along the way.


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