Stay Here: Life Of Whoa

How would you like to stay at this beautiful private island resort? Three planes, a golf cart, and a boat is all it took us to get to Petit St. Vincent.

**Open Floor Plan **
I'd say this villa is decent in size. But when I slid two glass doors open, the place was basically down to two walls. The sea and constant breeze became an extension of the villa. I felt like an invisible king on the hill.

Talking Flags
The resort has its quirks. No phones. No TVs. Quiet beyond belief. When I wanted a drink or a towel, I'd raise a yellow flag outside, with a note. A guy would swing by in a Mini Moke, drop off what I requested and disappear.

Outside Life
Only once did I see a boat cruise past the shoreline. I did find two restaurants on the other side of the private island, both within walking distance — or within reach of a Mini Moke with the help of that little yellow flag.