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Steps to Plan a Destination Wedding  

Are you thinking of a destination wedding? Use this checklist to plan, prepare, and make your bridal dreams come true.

March 1, 2019
Steps to Plan a Destination Wedding Destination Weddings

1. Dream Big
Before you get bogged down in wedding planning, let yourself dream big. This is your chance for your vision to come true. Dreams Delight Playa Bonita Panama

Do you want to say your vows on a sandy beach at sunset or in the majesty of secluded mountains? What does your ideal setting look like, and where in the world is it? The possibilities are endless, and if an exotic location is what you prefer, can help you through all the options.

2. Sign Up with a Destination Wedding Service
Pro tip: Sign up with a destination wedding service, like, before you wade any further into planning your big day.


Why? You’ll get to work with a Destination Wedding Specialist, who is an expert and has experience with all destinations, resort venues and budgets. They can even help you save money through incredible deals they negotiate with their resort partnerships. And when you work with an all-inclusive resort, you can get some incredible, customizable wedding packages for a fraction of the price of an at-home wedding.

You’ll get white glove service for every aspect of wedding planning, and you’ll feel so much better knowing there’s a destination wedding planning pro who can answer every question for you or your guests.

3. Select Your Destination and Set Your Wedding Date
By signing up with, you’ll be matched with a Certified Destination Wedding Specialist, who will be with you through the whole planning process. Working with your specialist, you can discuss your requirements and review all the resorts in your dream country until you find one that’s the perfect fit. Maybe you want a chapel or a gazebo as your setting or simply the beach. You’ll know when the fit feels perfect.


Once you decide on a destination, resort and date, your specialist will do all the coordinating with resort, and then the fun starts

4. Take Care of the Details
Customize your big day with the help of the resort venue and your destination wedding specialist. Some brides like to plan a pre-wedding trip to the venue to see everything firsthand, but this isn’t necessary. It’s up to you.

Decide on everything from the ceremony site (venues often have a few you can choose from) to the menu, flowers, linen colors, signature cocktails, photographer, and much more.

St. John

Let the resort and the wedding specialist help with this. For example, the resort can schedule airport shuttles or taxis for you and your guests so no one has to worry about transit after getting off the plane.

This is where you get to show your personality and taste, so be creative to come up with a celebration that reflects your style! Check out some resort inspiration at

5. Get Your Wedding Website Running
A wedding website is a must these days. But it’s really important when you’re hosting a destination wedding.


Your guests will have a lot of questions — about everything from suggested attire to hotel amenities and dietary restrictions.

Make it easy for your guests to plan by putting all the need-to-know info on your wedding website. Include information on transportation from the airport, what’s included with accommodations, wedding activities, and commonly asked questions.

This way, guests can get the info they need without overwhelming your inbox. provides a customizable wedding website, and it’s free!

6. Pack Smart
Once your big day is almost there, pack smart to make sure you have everything you need.

In addition to your wedding outfit — don’t forget about shoes, undergarments, makeup, and accessories — you’ll need clothing for rehearsal dinner, brunch, and other events. If you’re going on your honeymoon right after the wedding, take along everything you’ll need for that. HDC Photo

Toss sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and other sundries in your bag. These things tend to cost extra at resorts, so bringing your own is one way to save money. While this sounds like a lot, many brides actually find it’s easier to plan a destination wedding because there are so many helping hands. Relax, trust the resort staff (who does this every day) and focus on celebrating your romance with your closest friends and family.   Thinking of a destination wedding, but unsure where to start planning? Here’s everything you need to know to have a


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