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Best Luggage Scales For 2022

Avoid added baggage fees and ditch the stress of traveling with these scales

As you approach the airport, doubt seeps in. That suitcase had a little room when you left home, made it under the airline's weight restrictions. But you've been places since, seen things, and bought a few things too. Some of them are pretty valuable. This is why handheld luggage scales were invented. We've assembled a few of the smarter luggage scales here. Let's weigh in on our top recommendations.

Etekcity Luggage Scale, Digital Portable Handheld Suitcase Weight for Travel with Rubber Paint, Temperature Sensor, 110 Pounds, Battery Included
Make sure your contents don't get overheated – and be sure you avoid any added baggage fees. | Etekcity

This scale not only weighs your luggage – it takes its temperature. Taking the temperature of your luggage may be more important than you think. Valuable ceramics, candles, smoked items either transported to or from a destination, can be ruined if your bag has been in a heated area – like the trunk of a cab on a hot day on your way to the airport, or in a long luggage line. Don't guess. You can know with certainty with this handheld tool, which can measure up to 110 pounds (50kg) and is accurate to 1/10th of a pound.

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Travel Inspira 110LB Digital Luggage Scale with Overweight Alert, White Backlight LCD Display - Red
We also appreciate not just the rubberized handle, but the easy to find bright red color – no fumbling to find this gadget as you try to multitask upon airport arrival. | Travel Inspira

Are you one who prepares for anything that could happen on your trip? You need this scale. There are a few things to really like about the Inspira digital scale, starting with a backlit LCD display that can be read easily amid the din of airport check-in lines. It can handle up to 110 pounds – plenty over the limit – and is accurate within a tenth of a pound. It also comes with a protective carrying case and an overweight alert.

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FREETOO Luggage Scale Portable Digital Hanging Scale for Travel, Suitcase Weight Scale with Superior Piano Lacquer 110 Lb./ 50Kg Capacity, Battery Included
It shuts off automatically after 60 seconds to preserve battery life and alerts you when that battery is low or compromised. | FREETOO

Freetoo also went with the red handle for the quick identity of their luggage scale and added larger lettering to its LCD display to make reading in dim places all the more doable. Like its competitors, this product weighs up to 110 pounds with a deviation of no more than 0.1lb. It comes with its own CR2032 battery and weighs just 90 grams. Rest assured knowing you saved a couple of extra pounds in your suitcase to bring home those souvenirs.

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Camry Luggage Scale 110 Lbs Capacity Large and Blue Backlight LCD Display Auto Data Lock Function with Beep Signals
Just power it on, wait for zero to appear on your screen, slip the strap through the handle, and wait until it flashes three times and beeps twice. | CAMRY

You'll get it right the first time with this Camry luggage scale. The large 14-inch blue-lit background is easy on the eyes, and the flashing and beeping features when the weight of your luggage has been measured and recorded is a nice touch, so you know it worked. It holds up to 110 pounds with a deviation of no more than a tenth of a pound and includes an auto-off feature. The LED light darkens in 30 seconds, and the scale record disappears after 60.

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Amazon Basics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale
Push buttons make it simple to switch between unit measurements, and the flexible strap allows for an easy hook on and off. | Amazon Basics

This luggage scale is straightforward and does exactly what you need. Amazon incorporated the most favored features in its compact digital luggage scale, starting with an easy-to-read digital display. It also has a low battery and error indicator, and it includes its own CR2032 battery. Arrive confident knowing you'll get all your luggage on the plane, and eliminate one less stressor from your travels.

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