The Amazing British Virgin Islands ‘Lion Heart’ Home is for Sale

This centerpiece of the exclusive, extravagant Oil Nut Bay resort community is the ultimate Caribbean dream residence.

August 25, 2020
Oil Nut Bay
No home in Oil Nut Bay showcases the resort community’s tribute to Virgin Gorda’s natural beauty and topography quite like “Lion Heart.” Oil Nut Bay

Sitting atop the hills of Oil Nut Bay, located on the northeast corner of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, the home known as “Lion Heart” appears to have risen from the ground as if Tony Stark just arrived for vacation after a long day of defending Earth from a Chitauri invasion. While the truth isn’t that exciting, the story of this one-of-a-kind residence is still inspiring, as it was conceived and designed by Oil Nut Bay developer David V. Johnson and the late architect Ken Kao to be the centerpiece of a resort community that is equal parts eco-friendly and luxurious.

Oil Nut Bay is the culmination of not only Johnson’s career and knack for designing unique developments and communities, but also his love for the BVI and North Sound, where he and his wife have helped raise money for efforts like Hurricane Irma recovery and Covid-19 relief. So, Lion Heart wasn’t just meant to be a cherry on top. Instead, it would become Johnson’s personal residence, where he could enjoy and oversee this passion project’s commitment to sustainability.

Now, though, Johnson is looking to live elsewhere in Oil Nut Bay, which means Lion Heart is for sale. The price? $39.5 million. When you’re done picking your jaw up off the floor, find out what makes this home so special.

Lion Heart interior
Lion Heart’s main villa, Halo, features massive glass windows and doors that slide open to offer spectacular views of the island and ocean. Oil Nut Bay

Set on 12.55 acres, Lion Heart is two villas in one. The main residence, Halo, is comprised of 8,000-sq. ft. of living space, including 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. The 18-foot ceilings and sliding glass walls and doors turn the island’s beauty into Lion Heart’s living artwork. A host can entertain guests for dinner in the open-concept chef’s kitchen, before retreating to either of the patios that offer 270-degree views.

infinity pool
The home’s infinity pool was constructed from native stone and boasts eagle-eye views of the coast. Oil Nut Bay

The best place for enjoying those views is Halo’s infinity pool, which is accentuated by a natural stone boulder waterfall that turns on and off at the push of a button. The native stone complements Halo’s massive green rooftop of Virgin Gorda’s native flora, all of which gives both villas the appearance of being tucked away into the sprawling hillside.

The second villa, known as Rainbow, is the first of what could be four separate guest residences. The way Lion Heart was designed makes it simple for the new owner to add additional 1-3-bedroom units, just as Johnson intended. The existing Rainbow villa has one bedroom and a smaller pool, as well as its own green roof and views for days.

Lion Heart on Oil Nut Bay
Lion Heart sits high above the other villas of Oil Nut Bay, as well as the private beach club and all of its amenities. Oil Nut Bay

This resort community is comprised of 117 home sites that are like Caribbean snowflakes—no two are the same. Eight neighborhoods tempt potential owners with unique natural features, and while Lion Heart is the king of this tropical jungle, the other villas are certainly palaces in their own rights, serving as rentals that make a BVI getaway even more exhilarating and fulfilling than it already is.

Oil Nut Bay’s amenities complete the luxury resort expectations, as the private beach club, marina, three pools, wellness center, tennis courts, kids’ club and world-class dining options, among others, bring the “residents” together in celebration of the island’s natural beauty and this development’s stunning blend of ingenuity and sophistication.


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