Mother’s Day 2021 is All about the Caribbean ‘Momcation’

Here are five destinations and experiences that will make perfect gifts for that special someone who is ready to escape for a few days.

April 28, 2021
A beach resort beside the ocean.
One Happy Island makes a delightful setting for one extremely happy Mother’s Day. Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino

The goal of a great Mother’s Day gift should always be to provide or enhance something mom enjoys, whether that be lounging by the pool for an entire weekend or getting her hands dirty under the hood of a ’67 Mustang Fastback. The best sons and daughters among us have probably already ordered flowers and picked up hilarious cards from the store to go along with whatever fun gear and gadgets are currently wrapped and hidden in the guest bedroom closet (no snooping!).

But for those of us who take a little longer to come up with the best gift ideas—or maybe even need to set several calendar reminders that Mother’s Day is coming up—we’d like to present something a little bigger and bolder: a Caribbean Momcation. Of course, you might think such an idea is also more expensive, but these tropical experiences will both assuage those concerns and make mom the happiest person on Earth come Mother’s Day (or, in some cases, whenever she’s ready to travel again).

Poolside Pampering

Wellness is a concept that will headline a lot of travel wish lists for months, if not years, to come. So, when it comes to rest and relaxation, few islands do it as well as Aruba, but for this special treat that is available only on the special day, Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino is adding plenty of bells and whistles to make the experience that much more satisfying.


Start the day with a morning yoga class by one of the pools, and then head to a private cabana for a massage or aloe foot scrub. Guided meditation and couples’ massages are also available, and there’s no better way to end the day than with movie night. Mom’s choice, of course.

It’s High Time for Spa Time

A large outdoor pool and lounge on the rooftop of a beach resort.
Mom will certainly enjoy the surroundings, but the views might be her favorite part. Canopy Cancun La Isla

The last thing any child wants is to think about mom partying in Cancun, but we are fortunate that this isn’t the case… this time. This popular Mexican-Caribbean destination has a very sophisticated side as well, and Canopy Cancun La Isla is smack dab in the heart of the city’s newest retail complex, so there’s plenty of fun, fine dining, and quality shopping to enjoy.

But let’s not leave the property just yet. The guest of honor will be pampered from the start, with a welcome cocktail paving the way for three days of bliss. A signature canopy massage and foot reflexology treatment are included, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps best of all, this experience isn’t limited to Mother’s Day. It runs from May 1 through June 10.


Enjoy Your Surroundings

Flocks of flamingos standing in the waters of Bonaire.
When visiting Bonaire, always remember to give the locals their space. Shutterstock

Let’s be honest—when we think of the perfect Caribbean vacation, our check list is basically: A) Beautiful beaches and B) Awesome resort with a ton of activities. So, for any regular vacation, Divi Flamingo Beach resort and Casino is already an ideal choice for its on-site excitement and entertainment, as well as its proximity to the best of what Bonaire offers.

But what makes it a great choice for a Mother’s Day escape is the 30 percent discount and affordable all-inclusive upgrade that basically enhances a classic tropical getaway to downright unforgettable. You’ll just have to take mom’s word for it when she gets home.

Think Outside the Gift Box

A zipline called the Flying Dutchman in Sint Maarten
There’s really no better way to see all of Sint Maarten than by taking the Flying Dutchman. Shutterstock

Any deal can technically be a Mother’s Day deal if it’s a gift, so we are cheating a little on this one. If you want to deliver a truly big surprise, pick a destination mom has never been to and blow her mind with spectacular natural beauty, a variety of beaches, and one really cool adventure. Send her to Sint Maarten for a week of diving, snorkeling, and boating, but definitely make sure she doesn’t miss out on the views provided by the exhilarating Flying Dutchman zipline.


A Rooftop Butler Suite at Sonesta Ocean Point Resort will make a terrific base of operations, so to speak, especially with a 45 percent discount. Or, if you really want to let mom know how amazing she is, send her to the fifth floor’s Luxury Butler Penthouse. Either way, this experience is all about spoiling your favorite person while she enjoys everything about her new favorite island.

Mom Deserves a Marg

Aerial photo of the sunset against the waves of the ocean beside a beach resort.
A most phenomenal sunset for the most phenomenal mothers. Marriott Cancun Resort

When all mom has is the weekend, she’ll need to make the most of it by enjoying some of the best things any Mexican-Caribbean properties can offer. Marriott Cancun Resort is a little bit of everything for everyone—beach bums, foodies, explorers, and basically anyone else. From the big pool and beautiful sand to the SacBé Beach Shack and a bevy of nearby parks and tours, not a minute goes wasted here.

The only thing mom won’t love will be the wakeup call on the morning of departure.


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