Curaçao Invites Remote Workers to Stick around for a While

The Dutch Caribbean paradise is the latest island to dare traveling professionals to take the plunge and shake things up.

February 18, 2021
Packed with charm and natural beauty galore, Curaçao is an ideal destination for digital nomads to settle in for an extended stay. Shutterstock

It’s fair to call this the era of the remote worker, as so many of us have been forced to turn our homes into hybrid workspaces. For those of us who have worked from home for many years, it’s business as usual, but for others new to the game it can be a stressful situation that takes a lot of getting used to. Just ask the lawyer who couldn’t turn off his cat filter.

To help us through this period, many islands have invited remote workers and so-called digital nomads to shake things up and move their home offices to paradise. A few days, couple weeks, or even a full year, it’s a concept that dares people to act on the temptation to relocate somewhere more tropical, and Curaçao is the latest such destination to woo professionals.

The @HOME in Curaçao program offers a simple application process and reasonable fee to anyone looking to trade stock photo Zoom backgrounds for the unparalleled colorful personality of this popular Dutch Caribbean island.

Grote Knip beach
Curaçao’s stunning Grote Knip beach is a great place to visit after a long day of work. Shutterstock

“Aside from the obvious—year-round sunshine, a great climate, beautiful beaches and nature—Curaçao offers a vibrant international vibe, versatile culture and the intangible ‘dushi’ Curaçao feeling, that everyone who has been to the island will recognize,” Dr. I. S. (Steve) Martina, the Minister of Economic Development of Curaçao, explained.

It is also a very safe and secure island, boasting some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, and officials have been vigilant in the approach to eliminating Covid-19, with no new cases reported. Approved visitors can stay for as long as six months; however, it is possible to add another six months if desired… which is likely.


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