Puerto Rico Wants to Reward Professionals with a Change of Office Scenery

What do you call a makeover for your desk? A “Deskover,” and there’s no better place for it than this lively, gorgeous destination.

The great thing about moving your home office to Puerto Rico is knowing that a hard day’s work is rewarded with trips to amazing spots like Flamenco Beach.Shutterstock

It doesn’t take a big survey for us to know that people who have spent the last year working from home could use a change of scenery. For at least the last six months we’ve all at least dreamed about opening our laptops for poolside morning Zoom sessions, for which we’d have to use fake office backgrounds so as not to tip off Kelly in HR that we’ll be hopping off the call early to make it in time for the beach yoga class. And those of us who have actually tested the workation concept, well, 100 percent of us can’t wait to do it again.

Needless to say, people have still conducted surveys and the results aren’t shocking: workers want to move their home offices to paradise. The question, of course, is how long are we talking? Some resorts recommend a weekend, and several islands even suggest six months. Discover Puerto Rico thinks you could use about two weeks to recharge your creative battery, and so the organization is giving away six workations to the professionals who could not only use a getaway, but who would also use it to make that to-do list vanish.

The “Deskover” is a desk makeover, except instead of a new pen holder, leather mouse pad, and Ron Swanson bobblehead, the highlights will be incredible beaches, stunning water, and mountains that’ll require an Instagram selfie or 12. And entering is as simple as visiting Discover Puerto Rico and explaining how much work you could accomplish with two weeks in Puerto Rico.

What makes this such a convenient destination for a workation is the ease of travel—no passport, work visa, or extra insurance necessary—and especially the availability of high-speed internet and 5G networks for all those calls that most definitely could have just been emails. But what makes this a spectacular choice is the variety of accommodations, and the chosen winners will enjoy staying in a Regency Suite at the Hyatt Grand Reserve, one-bedroom suite at the Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa, an apartment in Old San Juan, or even a “floating villa” off the coast of Fajardo. Airfare is also included.

Applicants can make their cases for a Deskover through May 13.