5 Last Minute Airbnb Rentals that Offer a Perfect Secluded Getaway

They’re not tropical, but they are away from the hustle and bustle.

December 23, 2020
Mt. Hood
It’s not our typical idea of paradise, but who wouldn’t love a view of stunning natural beauty like Mt. Hood right about now? Shutterstock

It isn’t impossible to take off to your favorite tropical destination right now, but it certainly isn’t easy. Anyone itching for a spur-of-the-moment trip would probably be better off looking nearby, especially with rental properties offering comfort, affordability and, best of all, privacy. After all, if you’re looking to escape the stress of work or everyday annoyances, the last thing you want is to deal with crowds… especially right now.

So, we took some advice from our friends at Groundworks and looked for some off-the-beaten-path rentals that are fun, romantic and perfect for a few days or a week of vacation fun. These are hardly properties you’d think of when your preference is island life, but in a year that has been flipped upside down, we can all appreciate something a little different.

(As always, please consult with local and state health and travel updates before making any plans or booking.)


The Classic Breckenridge Lodge

Breckenridge lodge
Enjoy classic ski lodge appeal here, but you might need to bring your own bear rug. Aribnb

The Big Timber Lodge in this classic Colorado ski town boasts 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, so it’s perfect for a family escape. But the décor is especially inviting, as the pictures alone will make anyone daydream about roasting marshmallows and slipping a little Stranahan’s Whiskey into the hot cocoa before slipping into the hot tub.

Tucked Away in the Middle of Nowhere

Gray duck cabin
You won’t be able to catch Jupiter and Saturn again, but at least you’ll enjoy plenty of stargazing here. Airbnb

There’s secluded and then there’s a remote cabin surrounded by more than 40 acres of beautiful Minnesota forestry. As secluded as it is, the Grey Duck Cabin is a modern delight, built in May of 2019, that features WiFi and heated floors, but the whole operation is run by solar power. Up to four guests can sleep comfortably.

Living the Good Life in Vermont

What’s that noise? It’s the sound of absolute peace and quiet. Airbnb

If your idea of a simple, relaxing getaway is curling up with a good book and cup of hot tea while enjoying ample views of natural beauty, it’s off to Vermont we go. The Waldhaus Modern Forest Home is as sophisticated as it is simple, and it has enough room for four guests to enjoy biking, hiking, or quick jaunts to the nearby towns.


Now, Something a Little Different

Ranger station cabin
Modeled after a forest ranger station, the Lookout will make any guest feel like the master of the land. Airbnb

Yes, you want seclusion and more distance between yourself and a neighbor than you’ve ever imagined. But you should also want something unique and cool that will make your Instagram followers and Facebook friends green with envy. The cozy, three-story Lookout in Terrebonne, Oregon, is that type of property, as its two bedrooms make it great for a couples retreat or romantic escape, but the 20-sq. ft. top floor living and kitchen space really takes the cake, as it offers unobstructed 360-degree views of the Cascade Mountains.

Treat Yourself like Royalty

dollarbeg castle
Lords and ladies always get to sleep in as late as they’d like. Airbnb

Okay, this one isn’t exactly for a road trip, but it’s certainly a rental to add to the wish list. Instead of watching all those cheesy Hallmark movies about princes and princesses, you can make believe that you are the royal family by staying in a Scottish castle set on three acres. The converted Great Hall of Dollarbeg Castle is now a two-bedroom apartment and the crown jewel of the property’s rentals. With its own private entrance, it truly is fit for a king and queen.


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