5 Ways The Luxurious Eclipse At Half Moon Will Thrill You

A new era of elegance and style begins at one of Jamaica’s most incredible resorts.

A common-sense lock to become one of the most talked about and celebrated new resorts in the Caribbean, Eclipse at Half Moon is only getting started. Having reopened its doors in November 2020, following a brief debut in March, the latest addition to the already legendary Half Moon probably didn't receive the proper introduction it deserves, what with this being the type of property that people will dream of visiting for years to come. But we doubt it will take long for the buzz to build.

Conceived by the architecture and design firm Hart Howerton, Eclipse is both a true celebration of the undeniable beauty that surrounds it and a jolt of modern style and flair to the more than 65-year-old Half Moon. Here's a small sample of the experience that awaits guests at this exciting new resort.

Its Starts with a Warm Welcome

First impressions are important, which is why guests must focus on the property itself at the risk of being seduced by the Great House lobby's immediate view of the stunning beach and ocean. The design was influenced by Jamaican culture, from the large Guango tree that welcomes guests to the bright, colorful artwork. But there's also an element of familiarity and nostalgia, as the walls are adorned with vintage family photographs from the owner's collection.


A Celebration of Jamaica’s Natural Beauty

Speaking of the Great House's soon-to-be iconic Guango tree, it is just one of 70 trees that were carefully replanted to preserve, protect and celebrate the natural surroundings. As guests tour the grounds, moving from the lobby to any of the Estate Homes, or simply admiring their surroundings from the balconies of the Great House Ocean Suites, they'll be blown away by the beautiful, lush gardens that almost frame each building of the resort.


And that's before they even arrive at the beach.

A View to a Thrill

There's no such thing as enough when it comes to Eclipse's appreciation of its land. In addition to the views from the aforementioned spacious Great House Ocean Suites, which feature two bedrooms and living and dining spaces, the Estate Homes offer up to four bedrooms and boast dining terraces that beg visitors to spend every possible moment soaking in the natural beauty.


Fancy something a little more lowkey and private that allows for getting some work done or napping under the golden sun? Among other delightful incentives, the Cottages feature large verandas and terraces with daybeds.

The Art of Selection

When it comes to the dining options at Eclipse, there's an emphasis on tradition. The restaurant Hayward's, for example, offers guests a variety of Jamaican-inspired cuisines, all while—you guessed it—enjoying the amazing views. The Great House's Lester's Bar boasts artwork inspired by the island's culture while serving up the most delicious classic Caribbean cocktails. And Spice turns the beach into an outdoor dining experience, serving Jamaican BBQ that pairs nicely with a cocktail from the Hammock Bar.


But creativity is also on display at Eclipse's signature restaurant, Delmare, at which the chefs use fresh, local ingredients to craft incredible Italian seafood dishes.

Be Well, Stay Well

Now more than ever, travelers will be looking for wellness options that will do wonders in eliminating the stress and burdens of the past year. Fern Tree, a Salamander Spa, was conceived with an awareness of just how important privacy and seclusion are right now. So, guests will appreciate two overwater bungalows as the setting for serene and crucially relaxing therapies and treatments, as well as daily yoga classes.


The experience can be capped off with a bite at the raw vegan Ital Café, which should leave the kind of impression that will bring everyone back the next day.