The Aerial BVI is a Truly Fascinating Addition to the British Virgin Islands

This new private island all-inclusive experience is instantly one of the Caribbean’s most exciting options.

May 3, 2021
The Aerial BVI resort and pool overlooking the ocean.
At face value, The Aerial BVI is instantly one of the most alluring new properties in the Caribbean, but there’s so much more than meets the eye. The Aerial BVI

For many travelers, arriving at a resort is as simple as dropping the bags off and hitting the pool or beach. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course, but as vacations and milestone celebrations and gatherings have been postponed again and again (and in some cases again), the concept of finding a larger purpose while visiting a new or favorite destination doesn’t seem like a such a bad idea.

Wellness particularly seems to be a prevalent theme at resorts across the planet, as new and well-visited properties alike have reopened over the last six months or so with a focus on delivering healthier choices, be it fresh food and inventive cuisine or a wider variety of fitness options and even Peloton bikes in rooms. And then there’s a brand new property like The Aerial BVI, which blends health and wellness into almost every element of this bespoke private island experience, all while delivering the best of one of the most beautiful spots in the British Virgin Islands.

A villa overlooking the ocean on the British Virgin Islands.
With five villas to choose from, as many as 30 guests can sleep comfortably and enjoy a spectacular wellness retreat. The Aerial BVI

Having already begun accepting reservations last month, this all-inclusive destination will have people buzzing in no time. Whereas many resorts merely recommend the amenities and activities that can refresh the mind and body, Aerial BVI was conceived with the intention of inspiring and even influencing the achievement of personal goals like physical improvement or mental clarity. Who among us couldn’t use a reboot of our poor, overworked brains every now and then?


But it always begins with the property itself and the accommodations, and this “sanctuary” certainly looks like a Caribbean castle, but it was designed in such a way that the Instagram-ready magic of the villas and pool won’t distract from the amazing beauty of Buck Island and its surroundings. Aerial BVI’s most alluring feature is its knockout views, and that’s intentional—no matter how luxurious and stylish the property is, it will never top the stunning sights of the area’s other islands and Sir Francis Drake Channel.

An interior resort bedroom of the British Virgin Islands Aerial BVI.
Stylish and serene, the villas will certainly keep guests rested and at peace during their downtime. The Aerial BVI

Still, we absolutely must appreciate the fantastic, sophisticated, and spacious villas, as all five—Unity, Faith, Serenity, Love, and Grace—are adorned with accents and furnishings that are modern and cool but still feel right at home in the BVI. As many as 30 guests can stay here at any time, which makes this an idyllic choice for that indefinitely postponed destination wedding or any long overdue family retreat.

Whatever the occasion, the focus will still be on wellness. Island hosts and personal concierges are on-site to help plan activities tailored for a personal experience. Need a push when it comes to exercise? Work out with water sports instructors. Having a hard time eliminating stress? The spa therapists will do their best to help. Looking to eat healthier? Schedule consultations with the nutritionists and chefs.

An outdoor workout facility at the Aerial at the British Virgin Islands.
Not exactly the standard hotel gym, this outdoor experience adds a refreshing element to ordinary exercise. The Aerial BVI

In fact, the food plays a huge role in the positive experience. Typically, as travelers, we are tasked with choosing from a wide variety of culinary options, and that’s great, except that sometimes the healthy options are few and far between. Here, guests will enjoy a farm-to-table selection, with some ingredients coming from on-site gardens and the rest from local suppliers.

Best of all, the dishes are intended to be as nutritious as they are delicious, promoting health and raising energy.

A resort window view overlooking the ocean of the British Virgin Islands.
The natural beauty of Buck Island and its surroundings play a huge role in delivering the ultimate wellness experience. The Aerial BVI

Sustainability is another key factor of the Aerial BVI’s design, and between the zero waste management programs, electric vehicles, and use of natural building materials—among many other factors—this property essentially celebrates the region’s natural beauty while working to maintain it. Guests can also do their part during a visit, with community-focused activities like turtle tagging and reef clean-ups.


After all, if you’re going to make this your new annual destination, why not contribute and make your own mark on the island?


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