Four Seasons Anguilla Reopens with a Plan to Put a Smile on Any Homeschool Teacher’s Face

The luxury resort’s Kids for All Seasons program becomes the Caribbean’s most incredible ‘Schoolcation.’

December 22, 2020
Four Seasons Anguilla
Four Seasons Anguilla has gone to great lengths in establishing a new health and safety protocol to keep in line with the island’s incredible efforts to remain Covid-free. Four Seasons

For as long as it has existed, the Four Seasons “Kids for All Seasons” program has served as a useful tool for parents, allowing them to get some much-needed alone time without having to worry about what trouble their children are getting into. This complimentary camp for children ages 4 to 12 features a variety of activities that puts a heavy emphasis on active, so when the day comes to an end and parents would like to enjoy a cocktail or dessert, the young ones will be fast asleep from all the time spent on the playground, in the pool, and even learning about local history and culture, wherever the destination.

But what happens to the camp when families aren’t traveling because parents are pulling double duty as professionals and home school teachers? At Four Seasons Anguilla, the solution is as simple as it is creative—it becomes a classroom.

Having recently reopened with new health and safety protocols in place, in addition to Anguilla’s stringent guidelines that require travelers to apply for entry, the popular open-air resort has always put a priority on seclusion and is now using clever strategies to welcome guests back. For example, travelers in search of an ultra-exclusive experience can book a partial buyout or even live the A-list life for several weeks with the “Ultimate Caribbean Escape,” highlighted by private jet service and an incredible oceanfront penthouse.

new office view
While the kids are learning, parents can retreat to their new office with a view. Four Seasons

Parents itching to get away but not let up on a traditional curriculum will especially enjoy the “Schoolcation” concept, which puts kids on a daily routine that will include educational fun, nutritious lunches, physical distancing from other students, and plenty of exercise. All that’s required from the “student” is a laptop and positive attitude.

In addition to help with basic subjects—including those math problems that somehow give parents fits decades later—the qualified kids club leaders will oversee special lessons that will include local and Caribbean history culture. Activities like singalongs, dancing, flag painting, nature walks, salt-picking tours, cooking Johnny Cakes, and even mixing up virgin pina coladas will keep kids engaged and thoroughly entertained.

Of course, the only drawback will be when parents return home and try to recapture the kids’ imaginations. Then the laptops will be used for booking return trips.


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