Give The Gift Of 'Coquito-Grams' To Your Favorite Travel Buddies

When you’ve been grounded for months, share an inspirational message and a delicious twist on a classic Caribbean cocktail kit with the person you can’t wait to share a beach blanket with again.

In a year that has featured a colossal uptick in to-go cocktails and hilarious messes in our own kitchens as we try to replicate the signature cocktails from our favorite tropical resorts, it's only fitting that we go out with a rum-based bang. Thanks to a collaboration between Caribe Hilton, the birthplace of the piña colada, and Coquito NYC, a delivery service that specializes in its namesake concoction, you can for a limited time send a very special twist on this drink to anyone in the U.S.

For those of us who have enjoyed a traditional coquito, AKA Puerto Rican egg nog, we know that it's a simple recipe that results in a delicious holiday treat. In fact, even the biggest nog loyalists might change their minds once they've had a coquito. But this team-up puts a fun twist on the basic recipe by infusing it with Caribe's legendary cocktail.

Coquito NYC
A pineapple twist on the classic Puerto Rican holiday cocktail. | Coquito NYC

In addition to the standard cans of condensed, evaporated and organic coconut milk, as well as vanilla extract and special spices, you'd received in the regular Coquito NYC home kit, the "Con Piña" variety adds a dash of pineapple to hopefully whisk you away to your favorite stretch of Puerto Rican sand. (You'll need to provide the eggs and rum, though.)

There is some bad news, unfortunately. This partnership ends on January 1. So, if you're looking to send that special travel partner a special gift that says, "We'll be back there soon enough," then you'll have to get your orders in ASAP. But even if you miss out this year, don't worry—a little elf tells us this idea has been so popular that it just might become an annual tradition.