Mauritius Offers Remote Workers the Most Enticing Change of Scenery Yet

One of the most beautiful destinations in the world can now be home for a year (or longer) with the Premium Travel Visa.

July 20, 2021
Flic en flac Mauritius Explored
Beautiful beaches like Flic en Flac are among the many reasons travelers regard Mauritius as a truly one-of-a-kind destination. Mauritius Explored

From the moment the first islands and destinations started kicking around the concept of remote work visas, people were hooked. That’s not to say droves of fidgety keyboard warriors packed their bags and ordered Uber rides to their nearest airports, but so many people undoubtedly wondered if it was possible and reasonable to spend the next week, month, or even year answering emails, updating spreadsheets, and hosting Zoom meetings with a gorgeous beach in the background.

We even tested the concept for ourselves, heading to Miami for a private poolside cabana with excellent WiFi reception and Aruba for the exceptional One Happy Workation program, and the verdict was pure awesomeness. And while some people have returned to their offices, a lot of us are working remotely on a permanent basis, so that means the possibility for a change of scenery still exists.

That’s especially great news for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting Mauritius.


When it comes to the conversation about the world’s most beautiful islands, we can’t imagine there’d be much of a debate concerning Mauritius’s spot on that list. Amazing beaches, gorgeous rainforests, the world’s third-largest coral reef, and those lagoons! This island nation is the definition of paradise, which is why it sits atop so many travelers’ bucket lists. Now, it can actually be your home and workplace for at least the next year.

The Premium Travel Visa program is now available for anyone looking to shift gears and add a heightened sense of wellness to the daily routine. The visa isn’t specifically geared toward professionals—regular tourists and retirees are eligible as well—but the idea of calling Mauritius your home office for a year or longer (the visa is renewable) will make the mind and heart do cartwheels.

Tamarin sunrise Mauritius Explored
From the beaches to the lush greenery, Mauritius’s natural beauty is begging to be explored and adored. Mauritius Explored

Intrigued and qualified travelers must first submit an online application, as well as proof of travel and health insurance. Most notably, applicants must prove that their income will be sourced outside of Mauritius, which means finding work there is not part of the deal. The premium visa is valid for one year, but the best news of all is that it’s renewable. You know, in case you can’t get enough of one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever experience.


With an accelerated vaccination campaign, the government of Mauritius has set a goal of herd immunity by the end of September. The resumption of international travel resumed on July 15, and the nation’s “grand opening” is currently scheduled for October 1.

“The safety of Mauritians and visitors has been a top priority since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the success is a result of a joint effort by the Mauritian Government and the country’s population,” explained Arvind Bundhun, Director of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. “Americans can now travel to our peaceful island and enjoy an action-packed vacation.”


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