Royalton Negril Offers The Best James Bond Experience Yet

Enjoy everything about 007′s favorite tropical destination without having to save the world.

After years of delays and several retirement threats from Daniel Craig, No Time to Die finally hit theaters and critics are hailing it as a triumph for his up-and-down run as the world's greatest gentleman spy, James Bond. Now, it's time for Craig to take a well-earned vacation and rest that ankle so he's at full health to make Knives Out 2. And, if he's as tired of playing Bond as he's claimed in the past, he will want to make sure his destination is Royalton Negril, where anyone can enjoy the best perks of being 007 without all the action.

As the name suggests, the 007 Nights in Negril experience runs for at least a full week, and it is packed with perks that will put a smile on any Ernst Stavro Blofeld's face. The trip begins with VIP lounge arrival and departure service, as well as black car transportation to this beloved resort. Once checked in, guests will be whisked to the Diamond Club Presidential Suite, where they will not have to keep an eye on moving portraits or hidden doorways and revolving bookshelves.

Next, aspiring secret agents can pour their own martinis—shaken, not stirred... obviously—at the in-room martini bar, while learning a few pointers from "Shaken," the James Bond cocktail book. In preparation for a night of action that will not include car chases and fights with deadly reptiles, they can also wear the Tom Ford Mother of Pearl cufflinks that Craig donned in SkyFall and Léa Seydoux's Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps from Spectre.

Royalton Negril
Already a fantastic vacation spot, Royalton Negril also provides a lot of privacy and seclusion for romance and relaxation. | Royalton Negril

While Royalton Negril has some amazing restaurants, the centerpiece of the Bond life is a private meal at the C/X Culinary Experience, in addition to a premium cabana and helicopter tour of the region, which will (hopefully) feature no henchmen being kicked from the cockpit. Finally, the festivities will conclude with a sunset cruise on a private yacht, complete with Bollinger champagne.

The good news is this experience runs through June 30, 2022, which is around the same time that the list of possible Craig replacements will be down to approximately 30 (fingers crossed for Tom Hiddleston). The bad news is that 007 Nights in Negril can only be booked through October 31 of this year, so the clock is definitely ticking. Fortunately, there's no bomb attached to it.