Bora Bora One Takes Seclusion to a New Level

Enjoy privacy like you’ve never imagined at this majestic French Polynesian retreat.

April 8, 2021
A large panoramic landscape of a beach and islands surrounded by the ocean.
No one can deny Bora Bora’s incredible natural beauty, nor would anyone deny the opportunity to have their own piece of paradise. Bora Bora One

As wonderful as it is to imagine dropping everything and buying the ultimate dream home to spend the rest of your life in paradise, it’s probably better to set your expectations a little lower, at least in terms of time. After all, a permanent move requires a ton of planning, and the costs can be staggering. But if you instead focus on picking the ultimate luxury villa in paradise, you can be on your way to a spectacular extended vacation in no time.

Bora Bora One is the kind of destination that makes almost any tropical dreams come true, and this new and improved private island experience will certainly make guests feel like they’ve purchased their own little piece of heaven in the middle of nowhere. That’s because this property is an all-or-nothing luxury booking that offers five bedrooms with a minimum stay of 10 days.

So, you know, bring multiple swimsuits.

An aerial view of Bora Bora One resort overlooking the ocean and a mountainous island in the distance.
The property offers stunning views and a wide variety of activities and adventures that allows guests to get the most from their surroundings. Bora Bora One

Set on 7.5 acres, the villa is nestled between a private beach with breathtaking views and a beautiful lagoon where guests can spend their mornings and afternoons enjoying a wide variety of activities. And while it’s not exactly the typical resort, there is still a concierge on site to plan and book everything from yoga classes and basketball games to scuba diving excursions and parasailing.

An outdoor lounge area at the Bora Bora One resort.
Lounge outside and enjoy the scenery before sliding into the infinity pool for an hour or five. Bora Bora One

In addition to the concierge, an on-site butler will see that guests live like royalty, while a private chef is available to ensure they also dine that way. If a morning of swimming with string rays is too much, the long infinity pool offers a place for lazy pre- or post-breakfast lounging.

Although, if exercise is a big component of your “rise and shine” itinerary, there are Woodway Wattbikes and Concept 2 Rowers available, as well as a tennis court and even a boxing area for extra cardio or squashing family beef.

A luxurious, open air resort spa bedroom in Bora Bora, surrounded by palms and relaxing scenery.
The new design blends regional culture and artwork with the property’s lush surroundings. Bora Bora One

With so much to do around the villa, it’s easy to forget to talk about the interior. The inspiration for Bora Bora One’s renovation came from the creativity and ingenuity of local artisans, and every last aspect of the décor pays tribute to the region’s incomparable beauty. Lamps have been created using wood taken from the Tuamotu Islands, baskets have been hand-woven from indigenous palm plants, and artist Teva Victor used his talents to create various pieces from wood and volcanic stone.

Palm trees, lounge furniture, and a hammock on the beach of Bora Bora. The ocean and a mountainous island is in the distance.
Head down to the beach’s Fare Potee for a change of scenery and remember to set your phone alarm so you don’t spend all day asleep in the hammock. Bora Bora One

Of course, the biggest difference between buying a home in paradise and merely enjoying an extended vacation is that after the latter you have to go home. But that also means you get to start dreaming all over again.


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