A Trio of Costa Rica Workation Packages to Make Anyone Feel Like the CEO

Personal assistants, private chefs, surfing and fishing lessons—you’ll never return to your office again.

November 11, 2020
Casa Chameleon
Does your home office have a poolside daybed? Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas does. Casa Chameleon Hotels

Since the announcement that it would reopen its borders to international travelers on November 1, Costa Rica has once again become a beloved destination for surfers, beach bums, explorers and all-around adventurous spirits. Now, thanks to some of the country’s most unique and innovative resorts, we can add working professionals to that list.

As the workation trend grows and entices people to leave their home offices and replace them with paradise, be it for a few days or several months, traveling professionals have their fair share of tropical destinations to choose from. Few, though, offer as much as Costa Rica in terms of beaches, natural beauty, adventure, creative cuisine and the peace and quiet necessary to focus on spreadsheets and emails for a few hours a day.

Of course, like all destinations, Costa Rica has strict entry requirements that make it slightly more difficult to up and leave, but those extra steps are well worth it for these workation packages being offered by Casa Chameleon Hotels.


The 7-Night Workation Package

Casa Chameleon
They say you should step away from the screen for at least 15 minutes every hour. What they don’t tell you is it’s best to spend that time in an infinity pool. Casa Chameleon Hotels

A one-day escape might give your brain a little creative jolt, as a change of scenery almost always does the trick. We’re all wired a little differently when it comes to working from home, but a two- or three-day trip can leave you wondering why you didn’t stay the whole week, and if you have your workation toward the end of the week, well, good luck getting much work done with all those pool loungers calling your name.

Casa Chameleon’s 7-night package does the trick because it allows for five days (or four if you’re efficient) of hard work and a reward of two days to unwind and celebrate a job well done. Available at the Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas and Mal Pais properties, this deal handles the basics with an all-inclusive meal plan and all the coffee any closer could ever need, but more importantly there are poolside daybeds to serve as work stations (so long, standing desk!) and a personal assistant to help with any organizational or administrative needs. Just remember that you can’t bring the assistant home.

And to make sure professionals know when to cut loose and enjoy the incredible surroundings, the package also includes two complimentary adventures and spa treatments. You’ve earned it, boss.


Work Bubble Trip Package

Mal Pais
Is the pool at Mal Pais an office? Break room? Both. Casa Chameleon Hotels

The thing that any traveling professional has to remember is that when joining the company Zoom or Google Hangout from the workation hotel, you don’t want to rub it in everyone’s face. At least not too much. From a manager’s perspective, though, one person’s pool office could be bad for the rest of the team’s morale, and that’s why Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais and Las Catalinas offer the Work Bubble concept, so the whole office can be on the same tropical level.

Like the weeklong package, this offering (with a three-night minimum length of stay in at least three villas) includes an all-inclusive meal plan and a personal assistant for helping with the little things, and each employee will receive two complimentary adventures and one spa treatment. The second-best thing about the work bubble is an open-air conference room that is sure to boost morale across the board.

The best thing? Carol won’t be able to microwave her leftover salmon for once.


30-Day Epic Sabbatical Buyout Package

Barrigona Villa
The Barrigona Villa offers seclusion and peace that you won’t find in your fifth-floor commercial office space. Casa Chameleon Hotels

Workations and buyouts are two of the most popular vacation alternatives right now, which is why they make an “epic” pairing. Whether working solo or looking to rejuvenate and refresh a company’s entire strategy, a one-month sabbatical will do wonders for the mind, body and soul—both personally and professionally.

Travelers can choose from the Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas or Mal Pais properties, as well as the OCiO Villas and Hacienda Barrigona for ample space and stylish, secluded accommodations that will allow everyone, be it coworkers or family members, to disconnect and focus on getting work done, relaxing and eliminating stress and anxiety.

This package includes a dedicated assistant and private chef for all meals, as well as a car and ATV for exploring during extended coffee breaks. Best of all, one day per week will be devoted to learning a new skill like surfing, sea fishing, cooking and more. That might not be helpful for your Linked In profile, but your peers sure will be jealous.


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