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An Adventure Unlike Any Other Awaits at Graham’s Place

This Private Island experience off the coast of Guanaja, Honduras, offers the best of the Caribbean in a setting rich with natural beauty and warm hospitality.

May 31, 2021
An aerial view of an island in the ocean.
Graham’s Place offers everything you’d expect from a private island experience, without the private island prices. Courtesy Graham’s Place

At a time when people are looking to get back to the majesty of the Caribbean and experience adventure and excitement far away from the hustle and bustle of busier islands, Graham’s Place is the boutique resort that will check all your boxes. Rest and relaxation, action and thrills, good food, and great people—it can all be experienced on this spectacular Private Island located just off the coast of beautiful Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. (To give you an idea, there are 3 Bay Islands of Honduras. Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. Guanaja being the least travelled.)

Originally from the Cayman Islands, owner Graham Thompson moved to Honduras about 30 years ago for retirement, but he never lost his passion for hospitality. What started as a vacation spot for his family and friends soon became a popular destination for bone fishermen who quickly spread the word that this was no ordinary fishing lodge.

Because of a reputation for warmth and kindness, Graham’s Place has grown to become a Private Island experience unlike any other, offering all the perks without the private island prices.

An island beach pier.
Adventure, family fun, relaxation, romance—all of this (and more) can be found on this beautiful private island. Courtesy Graham’s Place

Location is, of course, everything. Less than two miles from Guanaja, the least traveled of the Bay Islands, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous blue Caribbean water and stunning tropical greenery, all of which is begging to be explored. And with the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef close by, Graham’s Place is a wonderful choice for divers, snorkelers, and water enthusiasts of all varieties, ages, and experience levels.

That’s not to say you can’t stay on-site and also have an amazing time. You can stay as busy or do as little as you like, there is always something to check out. The list of activities offered here is staggering. Small groups, large groups, couples or individuals, there is something for everyone. For the fishing enthusiast there are half- and full-day deep sea fishing, bottom fishing and fly-fishing trips. If fishing is not your thing, escape to and explore captivating locations like Bonacca Cay to see where the locals live, go to school, go to church and more. Check out Michael’s Rock, where you can snorkel and then take a beautiful nature hike to a nearby waterfall. Or grab a tank or three and embark on the diving excursion of a lifetime, as there are over 50 breathtaking sites around Guanaja, including the Jado Trader wreck, Jim’s Silverlode, and Vertigo, which will impress all visitors with its breathtaking drop-offs.

At Graham’s Place, you can snorkel at the house reef, take a spin in the resort’s kayaks or take a paddle on a paddle board and go exploring relax on the Instagram-worthy beaches and marvel at the sunsets, or all of the above. It is a great place for just wandering through the nature trail, bird watching or seeing some of the local animals scampering around. Take a walk out on the foot path to the reef and see some great aquatic life. It is also one of the most amazing places to go stargazing on the quiet beautiful nights.

A sunset against the ocean horizon.
The authentic warmth and kindness guests experience at Graham’s Place is the reason why guests come back year after year. Courtesy Graham’s Place

When it comes to accommodations, Graham’s Place boasts 16 hotel rooms (each with two double beds), four villas (with three double beds), four efficiency rooms, and two one-bedroom suites. Every room leads you right out to the beach with a view of the beach and the majestic mountains of Guanaja. there are plenty of perks to make guests feel like they’re right at home.

And at a time when things aren’t quite ordinary, this Private Cay is an extraordinary alternative for people who need to reschedule those lost birthdays, weddings, and milestone moments.

The crystal blue waters of an island beach shore.
There’s never a dull day at Graham’s Place and no minute of any vacation will be wasted with the vast array of activities offered here. Courtesy Graham’s Place

Graham and his staff like to tell guests, “Keep this place in mind, a better place is hard to find.” And once you’ve experienced all Graham’s Place has to offer, you’ll most definitely believe it.

For more information go to https://grahamsplace.ky/