Explore The Blue Waters Of St. Martin By Private Yacht

Set sail from St. Martin aboard your professionally captained and crewed yacht with The Moorings.

On an all-inclusive yacht charter vacation in St. Martin, you'll experience almost unlimited options of what to do and what to see. You can cruise to your choice of 15 satellite islands, or even venture to two nearby countries— Anguilla or St. Barts.

This type of vacation can take you virtually anywhere you like. Grab a mooring buoy, then take your boat's dinghy—every Moorings yacht comes with one—right up on the beach and start exploring.

This style of vacation is a new adventure for many experienced travelers. Unlike a resort, chartering a yacht gives you the opportunity to see so much more of your destination, and you can stay at a different location every night! An added bonus? You never have to leave your belongings behind – unless of course you're venturing ashore.

St. Martin is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean for yachting vacations, thanks to the variety of attractions available in one destination and how easy it is to get there. Plus, the journey is easy, thanks to consistent winds ideal for sailing. Wherever you choose to go, a chartered yacht vacation can take you further.

power yacht
If your vacation goal is to hit as many spots as you can, you might want to consider a power yacht, which takes you there faster. | The Moorings


When you book your weeklong charter, the hardest part will be narrowing down your list of must-see spots. If your vacation goal is to hit as many spots as you can, you might want to consider a power yacht, which takes you there faster. If your goal is an easy, relaxing coast across the scenic landscape with a couple excursions penciled in, consider a chartered sailboat.


When it comes to St. Martin, of course, you'll want to start with the island of St. Martin itself. This destination is special in that it caters to those who want culture, fine dining and nightlife—and to those who want solitude and escapism. St. Martin has two sides: the Dutch side to the south, and the French side to the north.

When you aren't enjoying the gourmet, locally inspired meals prepared onboard by your Moorings chef, the town of Grand Case, on the French side, is home to some of the Caribbean's most renowned dining. Bistrot Caraibes is a standout for its impeccably prepared French fare, from escargot to lobster that you select yourself. La Villa Restaurant is another highlight for its three-course prix fixe meal, with highlights such as a marlin carpaccio with a Caribbean Creole sauce and the Black Angus beef fillet in a foie gras sauce.


Other highlights of the island include touring Topper's Rhum distillery, Fort Louis in the French side town of Marigot, and of course, the beaches—with a list of 36 world-class choices.


On a yacht charter vacation, you can venture beyond the main island.

One top pick among yachters is Tintamarre Island, located off the northeastern tip of St. Martin. This national park with picturesque beaches and coral reefs favorited by sea turtles is a day-tour destination—which means it clears out by the afternoon. You can choose to reverse the schedule, perhaps having espresso and pastries in the French town of Marigot, before sailing over to enjoy the afternoon and then the evening sunset in relative solitude.


Just a two-hour sail to the north and you could explore Anguilla, famous for its idyllic beaches, shopping and reggae music beach bars. For a truly quiet escape, consider the Prickly Pear Cays. These uninhabited islands suit those who want to play or relax on wide, white-sand beaches. There is nothing else in the vicinity, which means you can content yourself playing castaway—swimming, laying in a hammock, snorkeling, and settling into the rhythms of nature.

If you're up for a three-hour sail, you can be on St. Barts. For many, this exclusive island seems out of reach pricewise, but visiting via yacht puts this destination within reach—whether you simply want to overnight or spend a few days there.



There's so much to see, and choosing St. Martin as your starting point allows you to pack more into your getaway. This island's airport is big enough to receive nonstop flights from most major U.S. cities, so you're not wasting time with layovers. Instead, you arrive and The Moorings crew takes it from there. They acquaint you with your new home at sea for the next week, and off you go, worry-free and ready to start exploring.


Whatever charter destination you choose, keep in mind that there are no bad itineraries. The beauty of a yacht charter vacation is that you can, well, go where the wind takes you. You can be as planned or spontaneous as you like. Besides, anything you don't get a chance to see can be high on your list for your next visit.

To see a detailed, 7-Day St. Martin sailing itinerary, and to learn more about realizing your own unforgettable yacht charter vacation in the world's most exquisite destinations, visit moorings.com.