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Luggage Sets That Aren't Overpriced And Will Last

Keep journeying with these budget-friendly bags.

Whether you're looking to have everybody in the family match, or you want your carry-on and checked bags to be easy to find when they're sitting apart, matched luggage sets can be a handy choice. But they can also be a budget buster. Here's what to look for in the best, and wallet-friendly, luggage set.


Styling and Profiling

Start by listing off your needs, both on the tarmac and when you're at home. For hardcase bags, many features are standard at this point, like retractable handles, 360-degree spinning wheels, and handles for those times you need to get some leverage on a bag. So, consider how you travel. Are you going on the plane with just a book and the clothes on your back? Or are you the type that puts everything vital in your carry-on and just uses the checked bag for clothes storage?


Sleek and Sophisticated

Consider the interior next. While the exteriors of bags are largely focused on fashion, the interiors are what really make a difference. Check the number of pockets, straps, and other accessories that will let you cram more into a relatively small space. It's especially important if you're going to be a road warrior for work, as keeping your work clothes cinched down can make the difference between a night of ironing and being able to get an early start on your day.


The Bare Necessities

Pick the exterior you want, and not just for fashion. While matched luggage sets can give you a little extra style, don't forget that suitcases are generally made of one of two plastics: Polycarbonate and ABS plastic. Polycarbonate is more flexible than ABS, so if you're going to be putting these bags through some rough and tumble, or perhaps one of them will be your little one's bag, that will be one to consider. ABS, though, is lighter, and it's fairly tough itself, so if you'll be dragging that suitcase a long distance, it may be the better bet.