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All-Purpose Sneakers For The Whole Family

Bring with you your most versatile shoes so you can easily pack other essentials.

Shoes are among the most difficult items to pack for trips out of town (ladies, you know). Sometimes, we have to forgo a pair or two and have one that's appropriate for all situations. The best, most versatile all-purpose sneakers around are ones that are both fashionable for the streets and durable for the arduous situations you may encounter.

The phrase "an oldy but a goody" most certainly applies to specific shoe brands. | Amazon

Durability is important because the pair of sneakers you brought on this trip might be the only ones you have for the duration of it. Whether you're hiking up a hillside, trudging through some mud and dirt, or headed to a casual dinner down the street, purchase a pair of shoes that's available for all situations.

The best shoe brands find a way to mesh style and comfort. | Amazon

Appropriate style for whatever occasion isn't the only factor you should consider when purchasing a pair of all-purpose traveling sneakers. If your feet are aching all day, perhaps to a point that stops you from wanting to walk anymore, then you might as well not have bought the shoes at all. Comfortable shoes are among the most necessary items on a packing list when you're planning your next trip.

No one knows your feet better than you, so it's important to find a pair with all of the characteristics you desire. | Amazon

Say you have room to bring one, two or three pairs of shoes, but you still need a pair of all-purpose sneakers. If you're stowing them in your suitcase, they better be as light as possible so as to avoid paying any extra fees for heavy luggage. Even if they're going in your backpack, you want to make sure this pair of shoes is light, so you don't incur taxing back pain midway through the trip.