What To Know When Picking The Right Backyard Volleyball Net

Volleyball is a fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family, so why not bring a setup home for your own backyard?

A volleyball net can transform your backyard into a fun team sports arena, but with a wide variety of setups available, it's important to choose what's right for you and your family. Do you want a system that you can essentially set up and leave in place? Or do you want something portable that you can bring to the park or the beach? Thankfully, with no shortage of options on the market, so it's not hard to find the right one.

Franklin net
A beginner set doesn't mean longtime players won't enjoy it, too. | Amazon

Perfect for your next BBQ or picnic, this starter volleyball net sets up in just minutes and comes with everything you need for a day of fun. Included in the set are six stakes and ropes that secure the net into the ground, and even a standard Franklin volleyball and pump. With easy setup and breakdown, it's even fully transportable so you can bring it to the beach or anywhere else the party goes.

boulder net
Road trips will be a little more fun when you can bring your own volleyball net to the beach. | Amazon

Play a variety of sports such as volleyball, badminton, tennis, soccer tennis, or even pickleball with a portable, foldable net that can set up on virtually any flat surface. With no stakes or ropes necessary, this innovative bungee-cord design doesn't even need grass or soil, and can be used on driveways or patios—or even in the basement when the weather doesn't cooperate! And with three sizes available and a convenient carrying case, you can literally bring the fun anywhere.

pool volleyball net
Things can get rough (and wet) in the pool, so you'll need a set that will take a beating. | Amazon

Designed to fit most in-ground or above-ground pools with perimeter decking, this net is also completely versatile in that it can also be used on land, as well. Simply fill the bases on either side with water or sand for perfect stability anywhere. The set also includes a 16-foot wide nylon volleyball net, two 30-inch upright poles, and a deluxe game ball with inflating needle so you'll have everything you need to kick off the outdoor fun.