Bagsmart’s Electronic Organizer is the Case You Didn’t Know You Need

No bigger than your toiletry kit, this bag eliminates the chaos of your cables and cords and brings order to your luggage.

September 8, 2020
electronics bag
When you’re traveling with a group and everyone has a gadget or five, an electronic organizer case comes in handy for a few reasons. Amazon

For the longest time, one of my preeminent travel hacks that I loved to share with friends was eliminating cord and cable tangles and messes by tying them up and tucking them away in my shoes. Reinventing the wheel I was not, but when you’re a young, broke solo traveler you do what you have to for the sake of saving space, even if it means your toothbrush touching your socks or using old Target plastic bags as a makeshift toiletry kit and praying that the scotch tape you used on the shampoo lid holds (I think my success rate was 50 percent).

Now, though, I know better. For starters, while tying cables is fine, stuffing them into tight places with no regard for their bend count is a huge no-no, because you’ll find yourself with broken ends and frayed wires in no time—especially when you buy your lightning cables cheap and in bulk. Also, now that I’m a traveling dad and responsible for overseeing a variety of charging cables, plug adapters, memory cards and more, I just don’t have the shoe space to keep up. That’s why I needed Bagsmart’s electronic organizer.

How Many Bags Does One Family Need?

This is a trick question. When it comes to being organized, having more bags doesn’t mean more burden. After all, we love packing cubes and will scream from a mountain top that everyone should own a set, so that’s how I view this electronics organizer—it is a packing cube for your most important cords and cable.


So, when it comes to wondering, “Ugh, another bag?” think of this small case—measuring just under 7-inches wide by 10-inches long—as a toiletry kit for your tech accessories. Just as you want to keep your toothbrush and travel shampoo separate from your clothes, you should want to keep all your cables tightly wrapped up and safe from the bumps and bangs of your luggage, especially since it’ll protect them from unnecessary bends.

What is the Best Advantage of this Case?

bagsmart travel bag
With space for tablets and phones, this really is an all-encompassing bag. Bagsmart

For such a small bag, the clever design creates considerable space. If you’re the type of traveler who needs a small tablet for reading or streaming movies on longer flights, this Bagsmart case includes a zippered pouch big enough for an iPad Mini. Or, if your smart phone is your primary source of entertainment on any length flight, you can carry this case on by hand and have everything at your disposal, as it features two phone slots, and if there isn’t a USB port built into the seat in front of you, there’s also enough room in this kit for at least two portable battery chargers, depending on size.

Anyone who has had to buy replacement lightning cables multiple times in one year will agree that protecting them can be as important as protecting the devices they keep charged. So, really, you’re not adding another bag to your packing routine or luggage count, so much as you’re finally showing your gadgets the love they deserve.


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