You’ll Be a Happy Camper with the NomadiQ Portable Propane Gas Grill

This lightweight, space-saving device is good enough to be your go-to cooking accessory

March 2, 2021
The NomadiQ makes grilling on the go easy
Easy to set up and easier on the arm, this is a perfect summer road trip accessory. NomadiQ

At the risk of showing my age, my favorite gadget in college was my George Foreman Grill. It was so simple to use and easy to clean—it was like the people who invented it really took the time to think about how teenagers could eat healthy meals without leaving a trail of grease behind them or, even worse, burning down their dorm rooms. And don’t even get me started on the time my roommate scored the deluxe version… we ate like kings that semester.

I felt this spark of nostalgia after setting up my NomadiQ Portable Propane Gas Grill for the first time, because this thing is basically like the next step in the portable cooking evolutionary chart. Better yet, it’s like someone found a broken, discarded Foreman Grill and said, “We can rebuild it—we have the technology!”

Most importantly, this is a heck of an accessory for any camping enthusiast or road-tripping adventurer in need of a hot meal, and not an additional burden.


Where Can It Go?

Well, where are you going? State park, beach camping, that spot by the lake where you take the kids fishing, tailgating for the monster truck show, your father-in-law’s pool patio where the built-in grill never works—all of the above. At just over 12-lbs. and blessed with a convenient handle, the NomadiQ grill can go anywhere that cooking is allowed, and unlike full-size grills that might make more food, this one requires no help lifting and barely any cleanup.

But let’s not overlook the most important place you can bring this grill: home. If you have a small yard or only a patio or balcony, but you long for the delicious flavor of a burger, hot dog, or steak fresh off the grill, pop this bad boy on the table and get to work. The convenience cannot be overstated.

How Does It Work?

Remember how the Foreman Grill was basically plug in, open, and cook? This grill is as simple as unlock, open, connect the propane, and cook. Ignite it with the touch of a button, adjust the temperature with the dual control knobs, and make those wings you’ve been thinking about for weeks.


How Easy is the Cleanup?

Two drip trays rest beneath each side of the grill, so you’ll have to remember to empty those properly, and the removable non-stick grates can go in the dishwasher as soon as you get home.

Of course, you can certainly make bigger messes with your BBQ sauces and marinades, but we should never be surprised when those sloppy teriyaki wings make the grates a little harder to scrape clean. After all, a true grill master never blames his tools for the mess.

Must-have Accessories

NomadiQ Protective Sleeve

NomadiQ protective sleeve keeps the grill looking nice
When it’s time to store your portable grill, make sure it’s free from dust and dirt. NomadiQ

If you’re camping for several days, you’ll undoubtedly have precautions in place to keep your tents, sleeping bags, and other gear safe from unexpected rain. The same should go for your grill. This simple neoprene sleeve protects against the elements no matter where it is, meaning it’ll be ready to rock next time you’re heading out again.

Ricante Hot Sauces

Ricante hot sauce collection
Time to shake things up with your boring chicken and veggies. Ricante

Did someone say sauces? Anytime I think about camping, I’m still haunted by the bland burgers and dogs of my childhood Scout trips. Whether camping and cooking alone or entertaining guests, add a little excitement to your grub with some creative flavors from Costa Rica.


Lichamp 6-1 BBQ Multi-tool

BBQ tools set for all types of grilling
Behold, the Swiss Army Knife for grillmasters on the go. Lichamp

What’s the point of saving space with a portable grill that fits almost anywhere if you’re going to lug around that big plastic case your grilling tools came in? This incredible multi-tool also takes up very little space and still lets you wow the crowd with your cooking flair.


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