A Pocket Blanket You Can Take Anywhere

Space-saving pocket blankets give you a restful outdoor day.

Beach picnics never go out of style.Shutterstock

Whenever you go to the beach, it’s common to bring a lot of stuff with you, including a bulky, awkward blanket that inevitably ends up sticky and sandy. Or you did. Thanks to modern textiles and design, pocket blankets now fit in the palm of your hand and can hang off your belt or your bag with ease. Better yet, these pocket blankets are great for the beach and beyond. Take them anywhere you’re planning to enjoy the great outdoors. Here’s how to ditch that giant, cumbersome blanket for good.


This option only weights 21oz and folds into an impressively small package. Not bad considering the oversized coverage it provides.Ocoopa

Sand-free and waterproof are a must. Any foldable beach blanket worth its stitching is made of rip-stop nylon or a similar material that won’t pick up sand, and will have a finish that won’t irritate skin. This will also make it useful as an impromptu rain shelter or roof over a campsite. Look for blankets that specifically mark themselves as sand and waterproof, just remember that you’ll have to shake them off before you fold them away.

Built to Last

This all-in-one option doesn't include separate accessories that can easily get lost.Matador

Consider convenience next. This ultra-lightweight option from Matador folds out to a large 63″ x 44″ blanket, wide enough to fit 2-4 individuals. The most desirable quality about this pocket blanket is that the rust-proof metal stakes are actually built into the design. Perfect for busy travelers that might be juggling too much to remember to pack separate stake accessories.

Easy to Use

This economical option is completely hassle-free. Fill up the corners with sand or stones to keep it weighted down.Bearz

Don’t think you have to sacrifice style, either. There are plenty of colors available to ensure you don’t come out of the water to some other family on your blanket, and that you can fit to your own personal taste. It also makes it handy for the woods, where it can be seen from a distance.