The Best Accessories For Spending A Night Under The Stars

Nothing beats the quiet and wonder of stargazing with the people closest to you.

Looking up at the stars, there's a certain aspect of wonder and awe that takes over. Seeing the specs of light and knowing how powerful they are can have us feeling small, but it makes for some of the most memorable moments in the outdoors. Here are the best accessories for spending a night under the stars.

ayamaya Pop Up Tent
Unless you're looking for an open-air concept, you'll want something that'll keep you safe from weather and bugs. | ayamaya

For overnight stays under the stars, you're going to need some lodging. Sometimes, though, you don't want to have to go through all the hassle of trying to set up a tent, with its poles and the wiring throughout. Find a pop-up tent that'll spring into action for immediate gratification, granting more time under the night sky.

Forceatt Camping Blanket
Whether sipping wine and gazing at the stars or hosting a picnic, you'll want this accessory. | Forceatt

Nights under the stars can be chilly and even freezing, depending on where you're at. Make sure you to bring with you a blanket that's both comfortable and warming.

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler
Strong and durable go very well with the ability to keep frosty beverages, well, frosty. | YETI Roadie

Enjoy something cold to drink or even some prepared snacks for the night when you bring along a cooler. These trips to visit the stars can be spontaneous, so it's important to find a cooler that'll travel with you in a light and compact way.

SUCHDECO Portable Outdoor Fire Pit
When you don't want to dig and get dirty, reach for this black bag. | SUCHDECO

Firepits can be hard to come by, depending on where you're at, so why not bring a portable one with you? Keep warm by any fire under any night conditions when you bring along a strong, sturdy firepit.

Pull Start Fire
You're not trying to earn a merit badge. This is a common sense device. | Pull Start Fire

For the uninitiated, fires can be a hassle to set up. Bring along with you an instant fire kit to make fires easier and life a little warmer.