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The Best Action Cameras For Beginners

Catch every moment with ease while learning to become a pro.

Action cameras aren't just for the sporty. Their small form factor, multiple fields of view, high resolution, and ability to take a beating make them ideal to bring on any trip. Here's the best ones for beginners.

When purchasing smaller devices, be sure to find accessories that will protect them from being misplaced. | Amazon

The beating it can take is probably the most important, so check how waterproof it is without special cases, and what it's made of.

Forget just capturing images and uploading them later—share your adventure as it takes place. | Amazon

If you think you'll be exploring shooting video more, look for advanced features like live streaming, narrower fields of view to shoot more conventional footage.

Make sure to compare each device's bells and whistles, as some of them come with gear attachments that are great for extreme angles. | Amazon

Some models come with an HDMI port, which will let you watch your videos when the day wraps or more easily import them to your computer to edit.

When you're just getting started it helps to keep the bonus features limited so you can focus on those that matter most. | Amazon

If you like slow-motion, many action cameras can now do that, but just remember there will be a trade-off in resolution.

A wristband control is a really cool, helpful feature that helps keep hands free when safety is a priority. | Amazon

A unit with a built in remote can make it easy to set and forget, so you can get into what you're doing instead of worrying about your footage.