Best After-Sun Lotion For 2022

Treat your skin to some TLC with these lotions

Check the UV index before you go out. If the rating is 0-2, you can feel comfortable in the outdoors. On days where the UV index is 8 or over, try not to be outside during the time around noon when the sun can do the most damage. If you do find yourself with a sunburn, get into the shade, drink some water, and apply some after-sun lotions. These soothing salves have different qualities, and these are our favorites.

Sun Bum Cool Down Aloe Vera Lotion | Vegan and Hypoallergenic After Sun Care with Cocoa Butter to Soothe and Hydrate Sunburn Pain Relief | 8 oz
The moisturizing cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and aloe vera calm your hot skin. | Sun Bum

This soothing after-sun lotion has vitamins and natural ingredients to help repair sunburned skin. When you realize that you didn't apply the sunscreen to the tops of your feet, you'll be happy you had this non-greasy aloe vera after-sun lotion. Apply as soon as you realize you have spent too much time in the sun. If you store it in your refrigerator, it adds an extra cooling touch.

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Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion, Coconut Rescue, 32 Oz
These all-star ingredients are full of antioxidants for rejuvenating your skin. | Alba Botanica

Nourish your skin with coconut oil and coconut milk in this rich body lotion. Wake up your depleted skin with this vegetarian after-sun lotion that has caffeine. It won't keep you up, but it's great for taking out the redness from skin overexposed to the sun. With all-natural ingredients, this large 32-ounce bottle of lotion doesn't have any parabens, phthalates, or artificial fragrances. The unrefined, virgin coconut milk and coconut oil, along with the shea butter and sunflower seed oil, give this lotion a creamy smoothness.

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Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion Moisturizer and Hydrating Body Butter with Coconut Oil, 8 Ounce
You might not be able to take a tropical vacation, but you can have that fresh-from-the-beach scent with this product. | Hawaiian Tropic

Butter up your skin with the tropical coconut fragrance that takes you to the islands. Did you know that the reflection of the sun on the water or snow intensifies the sun's effects? Not only does the saltwater and sand dehydrate you, but it takes moisture from your skin as well. After a day on the beach, spread on a little sunshine soother. Crafted with coconut and avocado oils, the thick richness of this body butter leaves your skin silky soft for up to 12 hours.

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Solar Recover, Mist Save Your Skin, 12 Fl Oz
This unique formula is great when you just want sunburn relief without all the sticky lotion components. | Solar Recover

When stepping in the shower and the water hits your back and burns, then you know you spent too much time in the sunshine. That's when it's time to spray on this skin soother. Vitamin E helps heal skin and has anti-aging properties, while the calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory. It smells amazing with sandalwood oil, lavender oil, and gets some herbaceous, earthy notes from the French seaweed absolute. Yes, it's seaweed harvested from off France's Brittany coast, and it helps to calm and heal your skin.

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Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel, 16 oz
When you apply the gel from the fridge, it starts cooling on contact. | Banana Boat

For years, the healing properties of juice from the aloe vera plant have given relief for sunburns and burns. Sunburn on the tops of your ears? How about that place on your back you didn't reach with the sunscreen? From soothing dry skin to giving cooling moisture to sunburned skin, natural aloe vera gel should always be in your cabinet or refrigerator. This 16-ounce aloe after-sun gel is easy to apply and won't sting skin like some other lotion potions. The nourishing after-sun gel, applied after overexposure to the sun, can moisturize enough to help prevent peeling, too.

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