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Best Air Mattresses For Camping Trips

It’s a great option for those who don’t like sleeping on the cold, hard ground while camping.

An air mattress is a fantastic option for campers who don't want to sacrifice comfort and a good night's rest while connecting with nature and getting some fresh air and sunlight. But you should know that not all air mattresses are created equal. Camping air mattresses, in particular, tend to be lightweight so they can easily be stowed in a backpack, making them easy to carry. Most models typically come with a built-in or external pump for easy inflation—so you spend less time setting up your sleeping quarters and more time around the campfire.

KingCamp mattress
You probably can't turn your ground into a king-size experience, but you can at least catch some easy Z's. | KingCamp

Stay warm and dry with a waterproof flocked top while a unique bottom pattern design prevents any unwanted sliding. Internal air coils provide added durability and support to ensure your airbed remains flat and firm to help give you an overall restful sleep.

Intex mattress
How much is too much? No such thing when it comes to being comfortable. | Intex

You'll get an incredible night's sleep even while camping thanks to enhanced, high-strength fibers, a unique edge, and bottom ring construction that provide superior support and stability. For added convenience, the mattress is raised 18 inches from the floor that make it easy to sit down and get up.

air mattress
For couples, you never want to worry about a breakdown in durability in the middle of slumber. | SoundAsleep

ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom ensure firmness, durability, and stability—with no slipping and sliding, even in the event nature calls in the middle of the night. The patented, one-click internal pump reaches full inflation in under four minutes and stays inflated for days.

Outbound mattress
Setup should be a snap and not require too much extra gear. | Outbound

Perfect for camping, kids, and guests alike, this airbed is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Sturdy coil-beam, vinyl construction, and a nine-inch height ensure a good night's sleep by insulating you from the cold, wet ground.

SleepLux air mattress
When the bed is this comfortable, you'll start to question your regular mattress. | SleepLux

Never struggle with manual pumps again, because this air mattress quietly inflates in just five minutes with just a single push of a button. You can even charge your phone while you snooze with a built-in USB port for convenient electronics charging.