The Best Air Mattresses for Vacation Rentals

Not enough beds where you’re staying? No problem.
air mattress
When there aren’t enough beds, you bring your own without sacrificing trunk space. Shutterstock

Air mattresses are a great way to maximize the sleeping accommodations of your next vacation rental—whether you need added beds for extra adults, last-minute guests, children, or if you happen to be staying at a minimalist camping cabin with a bare-bones interior. And best of all, most models are extremely portable, comfortable, and can be set up in just minutes, so you can worry less about where everyone is going to be sleeping and focus on getting your vacation started.

Intex mattress

Easy in a Pinch

Why do it yourself when technology can handle the hard part for you? Intex

You’ll be off to dreamland in no time with an air mattress that inflates and deflates in minutes with the switch of a button. Edge-lock construction provides added stability while flocked sides ensure against punctures and abrasion.

inflatable mattress

Built Like the Real Thing

You shouldn’t feel like you’re lying on a balloon. SoundAsleep

For the ultimate in comfort, this air mattress boasts 40 internal air coils to ensure firmness and stability while a SureGrip bottom prevents slipping and sliding. Dual-chamber construction provides added height for the feel of a real bed so two adults can sleep comfortably.

SleepLux mattress

Tight Spots, No Problems

When you’re riding solo, you should still expect the comfort bigger choices offer. SleepLux

Premium-grade materials in three durable layers and vertical beam construction help increase stretch-resistance and provides contoured support for all-night comfort. The dense polyester mesh core placed between two durable layers of PVC offers next-level back and shoulder support.

camping mattress

Under the Ceiling or Stars

If your soul is one with nature, forget the spare room and head to the backyard. Coleman

For an air mattress that feels just like a real bed, here’s an option that comes with a removable, washable, quilted top and extra height that makes it easier to get in and out of. Reinforced construction and a dual-sealed valve prevent leaks for all-night firmness.

mattress for your suv

On the Road Again

Sometimes your car is the only accommodation you need. So, let’s keep it comfy, too. QDH

Because getting there can be half the battle, this car bed can be used in the backseat of your SUV on the way to your destination as well as when you arrive. Thick flocking and high-quality PVC provide for a comfortable sleep and reduced stress for you and your family on the go.


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