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Best Backpacks For First Time Travelers

Heading out into the great unknown requires a bag that can handle a little bit of everything.

The sturdy, reliable backpack has been the traveler's friend for centuries. So for your first trip, get one that will keep all the stuff you need, comfortably where you can get it. Here are several backpacks worth putting on your shoulders.

Swissgear bag
Being able to venture through TSA without having to dig around for digital devices is a huge bonus. | Swiss Gear

Size matters, so pick a backpack that's spacious without being awkward for you, and that won't weigh you down when running through an airport terminal.

Osprey backpack
Going straight from the airplane to the trail is every explorer's goal. | Osprey

Check the dimension of your backpack to ensure it fits the rules for carry-on bags, so you can bring it with you no matter what.

Amazon basics backpack
There's a place for everything and everything in its place. | Amazon

Also important are the pockets that surround your stuff, so look for organizer pockets, laptop sleeves, and other useful storage extras.

Carryon travel bag
First class getaways require first class baggage. | Briggs & Riley

Check to ensure the bag is made of tough fabric, such as ballistic nylon or polyester.

Multipurpose gear bag
Multipurpose gear will be in your travel collection for a long, long time. | Solo New York

Hybrid designs, which can be used as briefcases or duffel bags, can also be handy, especially if you'll be using your backpack as a day-to-day bag as well.