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The Best Backpacks For Workations

For big and small trips alike, there’s a bag for every traveler and occasion.

Backpacks combine comfort with utility, as they leave your arms mostly free during any situation. That's why they also make the perfect travel bag for trips to the park or even trips across the country. Here are some of the best backpacks to consider ahead of your next workation.

Swiss backpack
For when work is a journey, or it simply leads you to adventure, find a bag that can handle both. | SwissGear

Among the most important qualities to consider in a strong travel backpack is its size. Backpacks will vary in size, and, depending on what your routine is like, you may need a larger one that fits all of your work materials and then some, or you may need a smaller one for easier commutes.

laptop backpack
Being able to quickly access your tech gear without taking everything out is a huge plus. | NUBILY

When traveling anywhere, whether it's a commute to work or trip to another state or country, you always need to keep an eye on your belongings. Sometimes that's not always possible, so it's good to have a backpack that'll keep your valuables secure and out of reach of prying hands.

AMBOR backpack with charger
When you're constantly using and draining your phone, it pays to have a backup power source. | AMBOR

Walking around all day with your backpack on will eventually lead to some strain on your back and shoulders. That's why it's important to first make sure your backpack is equipped to provide you ultimate comfort no matter how long you'll be carrying it around for.

60L duffle
When you make like Wyclef and plan to be gone til November, you'll want to have the most essential gear. | MIER

A solid travel backpack is one that can adjust and adapt to the situation. Sometimes you need to carry your backpack by a pair of straps instead of on your back; sometimes it's just more convenient to do so. No matter the situation, a versatile backpack is your safest bet to get the job done.

Pro Vipr
Traveling professionals should never have to stress over the safety of their crucial accessories. | Ascentials

Traveling with valuables like a work laptop or a tablet means you need to find a backpack that'll protect from the wear and tear of the environment, both indoors and outdoors. The last thing you want is for a little rain to seep through and ruin all your hard work.