The Best Backyard Chairs For Enjoying Your Own Paradise

Kick back and relax with seats so good you can consider them thrones.

There's nothing like a crisp autumn or a warm summer night in the backyard with friends. But it's a whole lot better with a comfortable chair that isn't too much work. Here are our picks for best seats to host the party from.

zero gravity chair
When you're not using it, the last thing you want is to take up important space. | Coastrail

Look for an easy-to-assemble design that either keeps the unit together with bungees or folds elegantly into a space saver.

outdoor rocking chair
Why settle for something uncomfortable when you can combine portability and style? | Amazon

Don't think you've got to stick with the lawn chairs of yore; you've got options that include rocking chairs, chaise lounges, and more.

dual outdoor chairs
It's the worst when the sunlight does easy, fast damage to a new item. | Best Choice Products

Make sure the materials are light and strong, as the outdoors can give even the toughest items a real beating.

Shade chair
A place to put a drink is always welcome. | Best Choice Products

Don't forget extra features, like cup holders and sunshades, which can make even the comfiest chair a bit more fun to sit in.

lounge chair
Come on, if you're going to lounge outside, you know you should do it in style. | Best Choice Products

If the weather is consistently good, you might also consider more permanent outdoor furniture.