The Best Bike Handlebar Speakers For Cruising The Beach

Beach rides are made exponentially better when there’s a little music to go along with them.

Music blares, and the sun is gently countering the coolness of a breeze with a kiss of its own while you stroll through a sunset by bike: There's nothing like it. Look into one of these handlebar speakers before you take to the beach with your bikes in hand again.

tribit speaker
It's as easy as clipping it to the handlebars and pressing play. | Tribit

A proper handlebar speaker for bike rides on the beach is one that'll be ready to endure a variety of incidents. From tumbles against the ground to drops in the ocean, there are a multitude of ways your speaker can become damaged. Find one that can take the heat.

bike speaker
When hitting jungle trails or riding right on the sand, you'll need something that'll take a spray or two. | Avantree

Sound quality is, of course, an important feature when it comes to any speaker, for bike rides or not. When there's wind blowing in your face, a quality speaker is what you'll need to break through that wind barrier.

Celtic blu speaker
Being able to plug your phone into a battery while riding is a huge bonus. | Celtic Blu

Speakers that don't get in the way of the rest of the bike, that are seamless and flow with the build of the bike are the ones you should look for before your next bike ride. Not only do they slip on almost anywhere on the bike, there's also a convenient way to control the speaker within convenient reach of your hands.

Heading out for twilight jaunts means you'll need an illuminated path, where one might not exist. | TOENNESEN

Safety is a priority for any bike ride, especially ones at night. That's why it's important to have a speaker that can double as a light to let other bikers and pedestrians, as well as cars in the vicinity, of your presence. Having a speaker that can provide volume and quality as if the headphones were in your ears is key to a biker's safety.

Onforu speaker
When you're not on the trail, bring the music with you. | Onforu

A seamless speaker is both convenient in its look and its function, as a speaker that melds with your bike will also not get in the way of your hands or your feet. These kinds of speakers are just as great for their safety reasons as they are for their quality and design.