Best Bodyboards For 2022

Grab one of these the next time you head to the beach

Both for beginners and more experienced bodyboarders, this is a great way to learn how to feel comfortable in the water and even get ready to surf. The engineering of today's boards makes them stronger and easier to ride. Check out our favorites, dude.

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core
It's got 60/40 rails that are the best for steering at all speeds. | Bo-Toys

With your sunscreen and towel, grab this stylish children's bodyboard for your trip to the water park and lazy river. Designed for kids, this lightweight board is sturdy and durable. At 33-inches, it's a great starter board size. The slick channeled bottom lets children learn to glide on the crest of the waves on a compact board. It's also water-resistant so it's easier to hold on to, and of course, it comes with a wristband and a tether so you don't have to worry about the board going astray. The bright blue and green design gives it a sporty feel.

Buy: Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Nantucket Surf 33
The bold, bright geometric blue, red, and white pattern looks great while you easily carry this nearly 13-ounce board. | Generic

This compact bodyboard has all the features you need for quick turns and tricks. Youngsters' eyes light up when they see this bright and bold bodyboard. It means a trip to the water and water play is in their future. Kids will love how easy it is to get started riding the waves on this lightweight 33″ bodyboard. The smooth bottom means easier turns and faster speeds while surfing. Also available in a bunch of other designs, all come with detachable wrist leashes.

Buy: Nantucket Surf 33″-41″ Body Board

Goplus Body Board, Lightweight Bodyboard with EPS Core, XPE Deck, HDPE Slick Bottom, Premium Leash & Adjustable Wrist Rope, Perfect Surfing for Kids and Adults
This bigger model is designed to be strong and shock absorbing. | Goplus

This bodyboard is designed to keep the blue shark pattern looking great year after year. There's a reason surfers are in such good shape, and it's because it's such a great sport to condition all your muscles. Tones the core and strengthens the legs, bodyboarding is good, healthy fun. Ride the waves on the river, at the beach, wave pool, or water park. Designed to hold surfers up to 189 pounds, and at 41-inches most can ride this lightweight bodyboard. With all the features for more advanced body surfers like 60/40 rails, channels, and a crescent tail, you can ride even rougher waves.

Buy: Goplus Body Board, Lightweight Bodyboard with EPS Core

WOOWAVE Bodyboard 33-inch/37-inch/42-inch Premium EVA Body Board with Coiled Wrist Leash, EPS Core and HDPE Slick Bottom, Super Lightweight Boogie Board, Perfect Surfing for Kids Teens and Adults
The groove-less design gives you a smooth surface for surfing so beginners can get the hang of it quickly. | WOOWAVE

Is it time for a vacation? If the kids are coming with you or they are headed to the grandparents or cousins, a bodyboard makes an exciting gift. It's lightweight so kids can carry it by themselves, and the bright blue color makes it look totally awesome. We appreciate how comfortable the coiled leash is to wear. This 33-inch blue style is one of the seven colors and 37- and 42-inch bodyboard sizes. A water-resistant EPS core on the inside and 60/40 rails are included for a gnarly ride.

Buy: WOOWAVE Bodyboard 33-inch/37-inch/42-inch Premium EVA Body Board with Coiled Wrist Leash

Wavestorm 42.5'' Bodyboard Hypergon 2-Pack
Performance construction makes these firm and suitable for all types of waves. | Wavestorm

When outdoor activities are family affairs, kids can get used to working out while it's being disguised as playing in the water. With two 42.5-inch boards, kids, teens, and parents can ride the waves together. A fiberglass stringer in the center of this foam bodyboard enhances this solid board, making it even stronger. It's only about two pounds and two inches thick, and the complimentary graphic designs make them look cool riding the waves. The V-shaped tail channels funnel the water for a smooth, fast ride.

Buy: Wavestorm 42.5′' Bodyboard Hypergon 2-Pack

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