The Best Cable Organizer Bags To Put In Your Luggage

Keeping your cords and cables sorted can be one of the most annoying tasks to do ahead of any trip.

Packing is an unforgettable experience for any trip. For some, it's become a routine; for others, it's a dreadful task that's almost always done at the last second. However, there's one part of packing both groups have in common: the dread of packing your electronics' cords. Here are the best cable-organizing bags to consider ahead of your next big trip.

Bagsmart bag
When you're a professional on the go, you need something that carries your most important accessories. | BAGSMART

First and foremost, the bag that carries your cords and cables needs to be portable. It's no use if it's just as big as a carry-on or even a personal item. Make sure you can stuff it in a checked-in bag or one of the latter two for optimal use.

Jelly comb bag
Your gear will never be out of sight and out of mind when it stands out. | Jelly Comb

Ultimately, you should be buying just one bag for your cables, unless you have the abundance of equipment for so many cords that you need multiple. But, if you have just one bag, it needs to be spacious, giving plenty of room in both the pockets but also having dividers to separate multiple pouches.

Matein accessory bag
When your carry-on essentials are a book and a neck pillow, put all your devices away. | MATEIN

Pockets are a nice, added touch for these cable-organizing bags. They allow you to carry more than just cables and cords for your accessories, providing space for extra batteries, flash drives, memory cards, etc.

ProCase electronics bag
When carrying the basics, don't choose something bulky. | ProCase

For the perfect convenience of packing, especially on an already-stuffed bag, find a cable-organizing bag that isn't so boxy. One that can roll up or, at the very least, squish a little could make the difference between completing your packing or having to backtrack and take a bunch of items out.

tomtoc bag
No matter where you travel there's a chance your stuff could get wet. Better safe than sorry. | tomtoc

When it comes down to it, you're dealing with your electronics and the livelihood of your electronics. Without this bag of cables and cords, you could be without a phone, without your laptop while away on a trip. A primary factor to consider when buying one of these bags is its durability and what it can protect against.