The Best Car Covers For Protecting Your Ride At The Beach

Protect your car’s exterior from long exposure to the sun and other elements.

Heading to the beach, you mostly think to bring items for yourself, such as a drink-filled cooler and towels. The next time you head out to the sun, consider getting a car cover that'll protect your car from the sun and other environmental effects. Here are the best car covers to protect your ride at the beach and anywhere else.

car cover
It's not just the sun at the beach. Think about all the elements that could damage your ride. | Kayme

Suitable car covers for the beach and are ones that'll not only protect your car's exterior from the environment, but they'll also hide your belongings on the inside. A non-transparent car cover keeps your car's interior cool while also hiding what's inside.

amazon car cover
A very convenient aspect is being able to pop it in the trunk for any rainy or really sunny day. | Amazon

Car covers need to be long-lasting and durable, as they'll be facing off with hot temperatures, sand and other tropical conditions. The last thing you'd want is for a little exposure to cause lasting paint damage.

audew car cover
When you have two different styles of automobile, it pays to have something that can help them both. | Audew

At a moment's notice, the weather can instantly change from a glowing, scoring sun to a gloomy, unending downpour. That's why it's good to have a car cover that's able to combat water, too.

automobile cover
Forget something? Don't worry, you'll be able to sneak right in and out without having to take the whole thing off. | Tecoom

Car covers are great for protection, but sometimes you need to access your car while it's still under. The best car covers will be protective but also accessible.

disposable car cover
Don't need one at home and working with limited storage? Choose one that can be one and done. | PAMASE

When it comes to protecting your car, car covers are among the simplest yet most effective pieces of equipment you can purchase. It can be used at the beach, sure, but you can ultimately take it with you wherever.