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Best Carry-On Bags For Couples In 2022

Cut down on luggage by finding an ideal one-size-fits-both style.

Having a good carry-on is crucial for those couples' trip moments where you need to pack both your stuff into one bag or have backup space in your bag if you're going to a second location. Here's what to look for in a couples' carry-on.

Wohlbege Big Capacity Travel Bag
If organization is your top priority, you'll find satisfaction here. | Wohlbege

Start with the material, preferably something tough like canvas, leather, or nylon.

Rockland Duffel Bag
Start simple and choose something that covers the basics. | Rockland

If you know your bag is going to see a lot of travel, get something you can easily clean when you get home, or in a hotel bathroom.

Travelers Club 20
Bright colors will make it easy to spot your bag in case you lose track of it. | Travelers Club

If you're considering a hard-sided bag, expandable sides will ensure that you have more room to work with.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels
When you need to zip through the terminal, pick a bag that moves quickly. | Samsonite

Make sure any hardware is compliant with airport security requirements in the jurisdictions you'll be traveling to, as it'll save you time at the checkpoint.

eBags Mother Lode 22 Inches Carry-On Spinner
The option to expand is especially helpful when you're a traveler who loves to bring memories home. | eBags

A bag with a light weight to begin with can make it easier to get where you're going, both metaphorically and when you've got to haul your bag to get to the gate.