The Best, Most Convenient Washable And Reusable Masks

Find one that seamlessly, comfortably protects your face.

If masks are going to be the new trend, then you may as well invest in something comfortable, reusable and stylish. Here are the best washable and reusable masks to look into.

face mask
A three-pack of common colors will go a long way. | Amazon

They're hot and sometimes uncomfortable but wearing them doesn't have to be a hassle. Some of the best masks will have a back strap that will help alleviate stress on your ears.

Kid masks
Kids might not be happy wearing masks at first, but having adorable cartoon characters on them should help. | Amazon

Make putting on your kids' masks a cinch with these cute, children-friendly masks they'll love to put on.

Filtered masks
Replaceable filter paper is an important aspect that people sometimes don't know about. | Amazon

One of the worst parts about wearing a mask is the discomfort and occasional itchiness. Find a mask that combines comfort with protection, prioritizing the latter, of course.

Lullaby mask
Fashion accessories are just that: fashionable. Your mask should be no different. | Amazon

Quality material goes a long way when it comes to protection and comfort on the face.

Neck gaiters cool down the face during outdoor activities, so they're a favorite for fishing and boating. | Amazon

While they aren't as safe as traditional masks, comfortable alternatives that help limit the spread of droplets do exist. Some won't have straps, freeing your ears of the constant discomfort.