Best Cooling Blankets For 2022

If you sleep too warm, here are the answers

Cooling blankets employ various mixes of natural fibers and synthetics. Cotton, bamboo, and other organic materials are weaved with manufactured materials to provide a light functional covering that washes and dries easily. Here is a list of a few cooling blankets that we find pretty chill.

DANGTOP 100% Bamboo Cooling Blankets, Cooling Lightweight Blanket for Home Decoration, King Size - Perfect for Layering Any Bed for All-Season (108x90 inches, Blue)
It can also be used under a warm comforter in the winter to take advantage of its anti-sultry qualities. | DANGTOP

One of the early employers of bamboo fiber as a cooling agent, Dangtop has studied bamboo's properties for years and continues to improve on its fine product with well-researched weaves that feel cool and comfortable atop your body as it does their job. Its bamboo mix gets high marks for sustaining your coolness and dryness throughout the night, allowing a consistent and even sleep. No tossing and turning or throwing blankets on and off. It's machine washable (gentle), but to avoid any shrinkage, air dry it in a cool ventilated area (no sun).

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Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket Absorbs Heat to Keep Adults, Children, Babies Cool on Warm Nights. Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Arc-Chill Cooling Fiber, Breathable, Comfortable, Hypo-Allergenic
The advanced fiber blend boasts a Q-max value of at least 0.4, doubling the value of many of its competitors. | Elegear

Elegear believes it has advanced the ability of its cooling blanket with a two-faced fabric that blends a full-cotton inner side with what it calls Japanese Arc-chill Cool Technology Fabric on the top side. What is Q-max? This method measures the instantaneous value of heat loss which happens when skin comes into contact with a cooling fabric. At almost five feet wide and nearly seven feet long, the Elegear can cover a twin bed, be packed for camping, or simply become that go-to blanket for hot, still, or restless nights at home. They are machine washable, too.

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Kpblis Cooling Bamboo Blankets for Hot Sleepers, Lightweight Summer Big Cool Blankets King Size, Thin Bamboo Extra Cool Throw Blankets for Hot Flashes (108x90 inches, Dark Grey)
It is machine washable but will shrink if not air-dried, so avoid putting it in the dryer. | Kpblis

The Kpblis collection offers several different sizes for different needs, topping off at nine feet by 7 ½ feet. That means it can blanket almost any sized bed, cover a few of your overheated little ones on a camping trip, or be a perfect addition to a porch or sunroom that heats up at certain junctures of the day. Made with 100 percent natural bamboo microfiber, its diamond pattern design is as functional as it is attractive, allowing air to circulate through to you unencumbered. We like dark grey, but it also comes in a variety of colors.

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Cooling Blanket with Double Sided Cold, Queen Size Bed Blankets, Lightweight Breathable Summer Blanket Q-Max 0.441, Transfer Heat Keep Adults, Children Cool for Hot Sleepers Night Sweats, with Travel Bag
It needs to stay out of the sun. These should be hung in the shade to avoid losing softness and consistency. | Ailemei

Ailemei uses what it calls Japanese Cold Fiber to provide a 0.441 Q-max cool sensing value, landing it among the top blankets in this category. The two-sided feature is designed to accentuate that rating, transferring your body heat and thereby allowing you to remain cooler. It is offered in four separate sizes to tailor to various applications and is machine washable (the manufacturer recommends using a laundry bag to help the blanket retain its shape.)

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Cooling Blanket with Double Sided Cold, Queen Size Big Oversized Bed Blankets, Lightweight Breathable Summer Coastal Beach Theme Blanket, Transfer Heat for Hot Sleepers Night Sweats, with Travel Bag
We like the reinforced stitching around this blanket's border, which offers style and assures longer wear. | Ailemei

Like the blanket above, this product comes with Ailemei's double-sided cooling effect technology, only this style offers an attractive beach-themed print embroidered with seashell, coral, starfish, and seahorse patterns adorning its mica nylon interweave. The top side, which is 35 percent PE, has a jersey-feel finish to it, while the inner layer is made with 100 percent of the cooling fabric, which is finished to provide a silk-sheet feel to it when it's next to your body.

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