The Best Digital Cameras For Keeping Vacation Photos Sharp

Leave your phone back in your hotel room in favor of the old school approach to vacation photography.

Make those memories last a lifetime with a digital camera that takes crystal clear photos and videos. Sure, you could rely on your smartphone, however, keep in mind that the glare from your phone's screen severely limits use in bright sunlight. Digital cameras also come with a variety of basic features that you can't get with a smartphone, such as optical zoom lenses and enlarged sensors. Additionally, most smartphones are not weatherproof or shock-resistant, so with a digital camera, you can simply leave your device back in your hotel room.

Expansive, Long-Reaching Zoom Lens

For shooting unparalleled long-distance footage, you certainly can't go wrong with an expansive lens that's capable of covering anything from wide-angle to super-telephoto perspectives. Add to that a versatile intelligent IS image stabilization system that minimizes any shaking of the camera while shooting both still photos and videos—which can also give you an advantage when it comes to difficult lighting conditions.

Lightweight and Compact for Traveling

Don't miss another moment with a point and shoot camera that's easy enough for anyone to use—from kids to grandparents. By using Easy Auto Mode, the camera automatically picks the best settings for your shot and gives portraits a flattering look with Smart Portrait System. From capturing intimate family moments to dramatic nature shots, this is a camera that does it all at a price anyone can afford.

Powerhouse with a Sleek Design

For a powerful camera featuring a long-reaching zoom that fits right in your pocket, look no further. Enhanced sensors and processors produce imagery with fantastic clarity and quality and help reduce unnecessary noise when working at high sensitivities or in poor lighting conditions. To top it all off, the sleek design is accented by a large three-inch LCD screen which is perfect for composing imagery and reviewing shots.