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The Best Duffel Bags For Camping Trips

Perfect for almost any travel occasion but especially good for the Great Outdoors.

Leaving the campsite doesn't always need to involve a long trek. So, when you're making a small trip, bring with you a small bag instead of your full-sized backpack. Here are the best duffel bags for your camping trips.

Gonex 60L Water Repellent Duffel Bag
When the trip takes you off the beaten path and then some, make sure your gear is protected from it all. | Gonex

Reliable duffle bags can be hard to come by. You need one that fits its role as a small travel bag, but quality can't be forgotten. Find a duffle bag that is also able to carry its load without worrying you about possibly tearing after just a couple of trips.

Nexpak USA TF130 5040 Large 30 Inch Duffel
Explorers who are exceptionally organized will love the abundance of pockets. | Nexpak

For organizational purposes, having a variety of pockets across your duffle bag can make a world's difference. Gone are the days when you're just stuffing everything into the lone compartment of a low-quality duffle bag.

Carhartt Trade Series 2-in-1 Packable Duffel
On bigger, broader vacations, a bag within a bag can be especially useful. | Carhartt

When you're traveling on short trips, sometimes you just want and need one bag. But, for quick outings, it doesn't hurt to have a secondary, auxiliary bag.

G4Free 40L 3-Way Duffle Backpack
When you're on the move and need versatility, a 2-in-1 design goes a long way. | G4Free

Comfort can't be forgotten when buying a bag that's carried on your back or around your shoulder. In fact, comfort should be among your biggest priorities when looking for a bag for any kind of traveling, especially on trips that are spent outdoors.

HAGOR Sayeret Duffle Bag Military & Army Cargo Style
if you have a lot of gear, plain and simple, you need something that can carry the load and then some. | HAGOR

Long-lasting bags are imperatives for outdoors-related trips. Not only will they safely secure your irreplaceable essentials without ripping, but they'll also protect them from the elements.