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The Best Duffel Bags For Packing The Bare Necessities

Keep everything handy with one perfect travel bag.

The duffel bag has been the utilitarian bag for packing all you need for a few days for centuries. Modern duffels, though, up their game in ease of use, materials, and packing. Here are five of the best.

duffle bag
When you're not using it you don't want it to cause clutter. | Amazon

This duffel stands out for being easily foldable, and thus storable, for when you've unpacked and don't need it.

Herschel bag
You don't want to replace your gear every year, so you find something that is dependable. | Amazon

The bag is 100 percent cotton, making it breathable and thus easier to manage your vacations clothes or gym gear.

every day bag
It's so important to keep your clean separated from your dirty. | Amazon

A duffel with a shoe compartment makes it easy to do a quick change from gym to work, or tourist to fashion plate.

Luggage isn't only about being able to fit your gear. You want it to turn heads when it's your only piece. | Amazon

A stylish design uses microfiber to limit the overall weight and make it easy to wash.

solo bag
When you're darting from terminal to terminal, you need to move like a ninja. | Amazon

Don't forget, duffels don't have to hang off your shoulder. There are plenty that are designed to be backpack, briefcase, and shoulder bag.