Best Duffle Bags For First Time Travelers

The ultimate short-trip bag is a must-have for everyone.

Traveling light is one way to travel stress-free on short trips. The best way to do that is with a duffle bag. Here are the best duffle bags for first-time travelers.

duffle bag
Head from the office right to the airport for a perfect weekend jaunt. | Herschel

Duffle bags are relatively small for travel, but the best ones will be spacious enough to get the job done. Whether you're bringing just a collection of outfits or some electronics, too, find a duffle bag that'll accommodate your short trip needs.

Solo New York duffle
It's important not to get caught up in size when the most important aspect is how the space is used. | Solo New York

Duffle bags should be lightweight, even when packed to the brim. The last inconvenience you want when traveling lightly is to have your one bag to make you feel like you're training for an ironman competition.

Rockland travel duffle
But when you do go for size, make sure it won't become a burden. | Rockland

Your duffle bag will sometimes be the only bag you bring along, so it's important to make sure that bag is as durable as can be. Traveling can bring about any number of accidents, so it's nice to have peace of mind with your bag.

MIER duffle
When you're going straight from the airport to the adventure, pack accordingly. | MIER

Wherever you're traveling, you never know what sort of weather you'll encounter. Make sure you have a bag that will at least be resistant to the elements and protect all your belongings.

Samsonite duffle
Consider a bag that is part of a larger set so you can pick and choose according to the length of your trip. | Samsonite

A long-lasting duffle bag is an essential piece of equipment in anyone's traveling arsenal. Whether it's for a short weekend trip or longer getaways, there'll always be a use for travel duffle bags.