The Best, Most Durable Lightning Cables For Your Travel Bag

Toughness matters when it comes to keeping your most important devices charged on long trips.

If you're traveling on the regular, whether you're commuting to the office or getting on a plane, having spare charging cords handy can make life easier. And they'll need to be tough to take life on the road. Here's how to spot a good rugged Lighting cable.

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Get a cord that's about six feet, since that will give you enough slack to move your phone around, but not so much that the cord itself becomes unmanageable.

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Start with what covers the cord; look for a nice, tough rubber or woven nylon covering that protects the wire.

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Get a cord with a USB Plug on one end, as that will make it compatible with wall warts, charging stations, and in a pinch, your laptop.

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Look for a cord with a certain stiffness around the ends, as cords you can bend in half near the connector can break and separate, long-term.

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The area around the plug should be nice and firm as well, preferably rubberized if you're going to put the cord through a real beating.