Best Earbuds For Any Kind Of Vacation

If you’re not rocking out on your next trip, you’re seriously missing out.

When planning a vacation—no matter where the location—a pair of wireless earbuds are an excellent way to listen to music or streamed content and even take hands-free calls while not taking up any precious real estate in your luggage. Even fans of over-ear headphones might be converted by some of the latest models of wireless earbuds available today.

In addition to incredible sound quality, most wireless earbuds are also stylish and affordable. Plus, unlike earbuds of yesteryear, there are no annoying wires to get tangled. Just pop 'em in their case and throw it right in your pocket or bag.

Treblab X5
When you're lounging by the pool, the last thing you want is something annoying or pinching your ears. | TREBLAB

Measuring less than two inches in both height and weight, these minimalist earbuds are designed to be comfortable and non-intrusive. Yet, with superior quality and an affordable price tag, they deliver multi-textured, stereo-class sound with deep bass everywhere you go.

Airpods pro
When you're a brand loyalist, you stick with what you trust, and in this case that's a great decision. | Apple

Let the world around you fade away with wireless earbuds that use microphones to detect noise from both inside and outside the ear—and then counter with equal anti-noise before you can even hear it. Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips offer a customizable fit for virtually any sized ears.

Samsung earbuds
For when you want to listen to music and not all the screaming kids at the pool. | Samsung

Whether you need to isolate distracting background noises to stay focused or filter in some of the outside world to hear flight announcements or your order number, the Ambient Aware2 feature lets you do it all. Get up to 11 hours of nonstop music on a single charge, so your earbuds are juiced when you need them.

When you spend as much time in the resort's fitness center as you do on the beach, be prepared with the best gear. | Beats

When you need high-performance earbuds that will stay put during any activity; adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks will ensure that these earbuds stay put. The reinforced, sweat and water resistance design will get you through the toughest workout or longest run.

Skullcandy earbuds
Take calls, jam out, meditate, jam out—you get the drift. | Skullcandy

Take calls, control the volume, and activate assistant with these Bluetooth wireless technology earbuds that do it all—your boss might even forget you're out of the office. An IP55 rating means and sweat, water, and dust are no match for these stylish gems.