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The Best Electric Razors For Your Travel Kit

Keep your face clean-cut on the go with an effective portable device.

When you go on vacation, you can let a lot relax. But your personal grooming usually isn't one of those things. Unless your plan is to pull a Robinson Crusoe and get stranded, you'll need a good electric razor. Here's what to look for.


Slim and Powerful

Battery will be a key consideration. The days of getting a shave from something plugged into the wall are long gone, but that means you'll have to keep an eye on your battery. So get a razor that lasts long, especially if you'll be heading somewhere without reliable power. Also take a look at the charging infrastructure that comes with it; the slimmer and easier it is to pack, the better.


Okay to be Sensitive

Check for waterproofing. This is important not just for easy cleaning, although being able to dunk it in a sink or rinse it under the tap is a definite bonus. Waterproofing adds a degree of durability to your shaver, especially if you need to be clean-cut for a presentation or dinner. If your luggage gets lost, or a trip and fall means it goes into a puddle, you won't have to worry about your shave, at least.


Permanent Travel Bag Fixture

Once you've found a long-lasting, durable shaver, look at the comfort features. These have come a long way since that stop-motion Santa took his first ride down a snowy hill, and electric shavers have features like flexible heads, blade screens, LCD charge meters, and adjustable heads for different types of facial hair to try out. It's particularly key to test them out if you've got sensitive skin. Once you find the right one though, you'll be able to relax even further knowing you look good by the pool.