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The Best Electronic Organizers For First Time Travelers

Keep your chargers and cords safe from tangles and messes.

One of the pitfalls of the first-time traveler is the knot your cords will collapse into the second you pack them. The solution? A good electronic organizer!

Bagsmart Electronic Organizer Travel
The last thing you want is more clutter taking up more space. Keep it neat and simple. | Bagsmart

Design matters, so consider whether you want a tool roll type design or a flat "hardback" design for space and packing.

Jelly Comb Travel Organizer
More serious gear heads will appreciate having spaces for everything from cords to the actual devices. | Jelly Comb

The exterior shell of your organizer should be something waterproof and tough, like nylon or leather.

Nomatic Premium Tech Organizer
Dry or wet, whatever the weather, enjoy the peace of mind that even the smallest bag will keep your gear safe. | Nomatic

Look for an organizer that's light, since every pound matters when you travel.

ProCase Accessories Bag Organizer
If you don't need to bring your devices, use it for something else. Enjoy the versatility. | ProCase Accessories

Some organizers are also designed as multi-purpose haulers, so you can reuse them to bring cosmetics and grooming tools to a party, for example.