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The Best eReaders For Your Solo Trip

For the hybrid of an avid reader and a consistent traveler, buy one of these devices to make the gruel of travel at least a little more enjoyable.

Kick back, and recline that airplane seat ever so slightly, as you embark on yet another cross-country, seven-hour flight for business. Or perhaps you're taking a solo vacation to unwind and get away from the world. Whatever the case, one way to pack the most value into one compact, easy-to-pack item is with an eReader that grants access to millions of books.

A book reader without an eReader is borderline blasphemy. | Amazon

For avid readers on long flights, your eReader is your saving grace. So, when investing in this invaluable piece of entertainment, make sure you're getting what you're looking for. There are a variety of factors to consider when buying an eReader, and it goes without saying that you want one that is easily legible. Some offer screens that almost mimic real pages.

A good eReader offers plenty more than just books and magazines. | Amazon

Some eReaders don't have to be solely for reading, though. While you may use it primarily for reading, maybe you'll want to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV series after reading a few chapters. There are tablets that can be an all-in-one source for everything you need entertainment-wise.

One of the best attributes of an eReader compared to a standard tablet is a smaller size. | Amazon

eReaders aren't just good for on the plane or in long car rides, though. When you get to your destination, perhaps there's a pool or a nearby beach you'd like to read next to. If you know that will be the case, make sure your next eReader purchase is waterproof so that even the slightest of incidental splashes, whether from the water or an accidentally spilled drink, won't ruin your time away.